Full load of leaves.... what would the disposal fee be


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So. New England
I'm lucky enough to be able to dump my leaves for free at a local farm. So I have no idea what it would cost to dump a full load of leaves from a full sized pick-up truck with racks that go up about 2 feet above the truck cab.

Customer is questioning my price for leaf removal and disposal.


knox gsl

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knoxville, tn
I have 2 dumps I can go to one is free for leaves and chipped wood and the other is $25/ton to dump. I think I paid $80 to dump a load of wet leaves in there a few years ago.


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Long Island NY
I have three dumpsites. One is a organic farm that takes my leaves for free as long as they have been run through my leaf loader. The second charges $9 per yard for leaves but you only pay for the first 10 yards. He also charges $5 ( I think) per yard for brush. The third place is a transfer station that does everything by the ton plus an entry fee. They have never charged me the entry fee but they can if they want. Then it is $20 per ton for leaves and $40 per ton for brush.