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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DSLND, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Hey Guys,

    Well, business is booming and my first day of high school was great!

    Next season, i plan on no longer offering bi-weekly mowing, and am going to start advertising for full maintenance contracts.

    Included in this contract will be:
    -Spring Clean Up
    -Weekly Lawn Mowing/Trimming/Edging/Blowing
    -Spring/Fall Aeration
    -Bi-monthly hedge trimming
    -Fall Aeration
    -Fall Clean Up

    I have done some research, and have realized that there is big money involved and i hope to start getting rid of my crappy, cheap accounts, replacing them with nice, full maintenance accounts for people who acually care about their property. Now, how do you guys go about advertising/stressing this plan to new customers/present customers? An explanation will be put in my new season letters, which are sent out about a month before we start clean ups. How do you guys go about getting people to sign up with you? And how do you word this type of plan in doorhangers?

    Thanks! -Mitch-
  2. supercuts

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    if your looking for work, dumping work sounds like your going in the wrong direction. we all love having the nice lawns that look great but dollar for dollar, my bi-weekly accounts make more per hour. most are small, so my $35 min is more than enough, we're in and out in 10 mins. 4-5 lawns in an hour is $140-$175/hr. how can you go wrong?? not to mention, generally, they never complain unlike the nicer lawns and they are not picky. by the way, you listed fall aeration twice, and it might be a tuff sale getting people to want hedges done monthly, let alone bi-mothly. im starting to think you might want to spend a bit more time in school first.
  3. ed2hess

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    Yep I agree the further up the quality chain you go the more demanding.....one of our friends works high end and they all want the yards done on Friday and before they get home at 5:00, no Sat or Sunday or evening work on these home.
  4. metro36

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    My **** lawns keep me going. $40 and i am in and out in 30-40 minutes. Were as my nice lawns pay the same but take 40-60 mins. i would keep everything you already have and just get more nice lawns and full maintenance contracts.

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