Full price on new mowers?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DonnieM22, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. DonnieM22

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    Hey guys, I've been in the hardscape business for 13 years but I'm branching out and starting a mowing/maintenance division. Here is my question, do you guys pay full MSRP on new mowers at your local dealer, or is it similar to purchasing a vehicle (bargaining)? Thanks
  2. Mow-Daddy.com

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    I would guess every dealer is different. My last mower I got $1000 off.
    Normally they're marked down below msrp to start with.
    I've always bought my mowers right before winter, dealer's don't like storing them over winter if they don't have to.
  3. Smith Lawn & Landscaping

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    Bingo!! Way better deals in the winter time.
  4. TPendagast

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    Let me ask a question,
    Do customers pay you a full price for your work and materials? Or is there a bargaining process?

    There are instances were you get price breaks, but pretty much, if you havent bought there before, youre not buying a bulk of equipment and you dont qualify for any discount programs, you're paying at or near MSRP.

    Some High volume dealerships have lower prices because they themselves move a lot of machines, so you can shop from one store to the other store and get a better price on a machine, but you're not talking super significant savings.

    If you're just getting into it, I doubt you're going to be daddy warbucks with the fleet discounts at this time.
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  5. BSIA

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    you will get the best deal if you get same brand dealer to bid aganist each other for the same type equipment Thats worked for me every time
  6. TPendagast

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    When you’re getting $1000 off or buying in the winter you’re not getting a “new”
    That’s not the current model, it’s never been owned before so in the sense that’s new, but guys ask these questions on the internet and then rush off to the dealer on the spring trying to get the latest scag vride2 for $1000 off
    That’s not the Dane thing.

    I like to buy single cab pick ups
    Most customers want four doors or at the very least extended cab models.
    So if you’re looking for something less desirable you have a bargaining chip.

    Want to buy the dealers last generation vride he still has on the floor?
    You’re going to get a deal because everyone is demanding the v2.

    It’s not that dealers don’t want to store mowers over the winter, it’s that they are going to have 5/6 months of flirting costs on hold over inventory (finance charges)
    So if that mower costs then $50 a month to sit there , that’s $300 they will pay
    So they can give it to you now for $300 off and they don’t have to step around it all winter and have room for the next seasons order.

    Desiree get price breaks at certain merchandising levels
    So if they moved $140 grand worth of equipment and they need 20 grand more to qualify for their 5% inventive quota then THAT machine right there had to go.

    That’s when you find deals
    But you’re not typically going to get the best deal at the dealer for the color machine you rang closest to your shop.

    Guys are always trying to but 5 minutes from their shop because parts and repairs etc etc

    Every time you do that you lower your chances of finding the situation that had the deal.
    What more important?
    Getting your machine for $1500 less or having a relationship with your dealer for parts and service?

    If you wrangled every penny of profit for the dealer away from him in the machine don’t cry like a bang come June when you need a repair and he says he’s three weeks out.
    You’ve already identified yourself as a cheap customer and he’s got a line out the door and there’s likely better customers than you ahead of you in that line.

    If you can fix your own stuff and have the time then you can also travel 50 or more miles to buy a machine that could be thousands off
  7. DonnieM22

    DonnieM22 LawnSite Member
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    Thank you for the response. I have a good relationship with my dealer due to the fact that I have bought countless $1k saws, building materials and nursery items from them for 15+years. I think calling me a cheap customer is totally off...doesn't everyone want to save as much money as possible? Regarding repairs, I'm a certified scag and Stihl mechanic so I'm not too worried about turnaround time on repairs. I would just like to make sure I am able to get the parts in a timely manner. Also, just as some background information, I am looking to purchase a scag v-ride 2 this weekend with cash. I just figured there would be a little wiggle room since cash is king...

    GRANTSKI LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Go into the shops now and see if they have any deals on 2017 models. Since bobcat just came out w updated machines in 2018...I saved like $4k on a 2017 predator pro. Got it with DFS bagger for $10k flat. That's a huge savings
  9. TPendagast

    TPendagast LawnSite Fanatic
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    Vride 2 is brand new
    The “deals” are going to be at high volume dealerships
    IF they’re giving deals at all
    It’s a brand new machine in high demand a lot of people have been waiting for.

    Cash really doesn’t mean anything at a dealership

    If you are getting something from a private person sure there are advantages, but cash isn’t giving you leverage at the dealer.

    $1,000 saws doesn’t make you a big customer.

    There are characters that buy 3-5 $10k plus machines every time they pop out of warranty and are in there so much the dealer knows their kids first names.

    As far as your expectation for a deal
    How much of a deal did you get on those saws?
    How much of a deal do you give your customers on their jobs?
    Why is it the homeowner is cheap if he wants the best deal on his job, but you’re not cheap if you’re trying to squeeze the dealer on a machine that’s brand new?

    Think about it, why do you even want a v ride2?
    You don’t mow yet, you’re just starting out.
    You want a vride2 because everyone else wants one.
    That, by very definition means it’s in high demand so there aren’t going to be that many juicy deals out there.
    Even the manufacturer isn’t going to offer that much if any in the way of deals.

    I want a 2018 skidoo 850 freeride with shot start.
    But it’s $13,000
    I can get a 2017 800 with no shot start for $10,000
    I’m missing 50 ccs and have to pull a rip cord because those options weren’t available in last years model.
    See the difference?
    I can get a helluva deal on the less desirable model
    It’s by no means a peice of crap
    It’s just not the newest and the greatest
    But the new one also happens to be locking up clutches and spitting belts like candy.
    That’s the thing about first year production models
    Sometimes they have issues.

    As a new to mowing contractor
    If you want a deal on the machine
    Ask the dealer what he has that is a deal
    Maybe he’s got an older vride
    Or knows another dealer that does
    Or he’s had an swzt or a tiger cat 1 that he’s had for two years and can’t get anyone to buy.
    If it’s not at his shop, it’s somewhere in the data base
    Sometimes the manufacturer even offers stupid rebates to unload that stuff to help
    Dealers get rid of old stock.
    Find that and it will be a good deal.

    But even I wouldn’t expect much of a fancy deal on a vride2 right now.
    If I tried to play hardball in anything the dealer had, there’s someone standing behind me willing to pay more just to get it.

    GRANTSKI LawnSite Bronze Member
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    My local Scag dealer offers "fleet pricing" for your first purchase. So yes a discount is possible but start shopping now .also some places sell demo units low hours & still full warrantied.

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