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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mike M, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Mike M

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    Can anyone got some numbers for me...?

    How much is your average rate (in a ratio) per month for full service vs. cut only... Up to double?

    (If you can specify what your "full service" package is, it would be even more helpful)

    I'm crunching some numbers on excell and I'm wondering what those numbers look like for others.

    Thanx in advance,

  2. Mike M

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    from usa
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  3. LLandscaping

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    We do mostly full service agreements. Our prices vary depending on the number of beds, size and type of shrubs, etc. We usually include lawn mowing, pre-m in beds, pruning shrubs, and 8 fertilizer applications. The price also includes leaf clean-up we go weekly during leaf season. The price for full service could be double, less than double, or more depends on the property.
  4. Az Gardener

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    It will vary sooo much from one region to another. I don't know how much help your question will render.

    All my accounts are full service I spend maybe 30-35% of our time cutting turf. Sometimes less, we do a lot of seasonal flowers, hand watering pots, superblooming the flowers, deadheading, trimming.

    We check and replace low voltage lights, we put on frost cloth for protection and remove it, and pack it, we rake granite like everyone else mows we leave the rocks looking nice and fluffy, cleaning under plants, hosing off patios and walkways, checking and adjusting irrigation controllers anchoring up vines, filling fertilizer injectors plus regular fert applications.

    We paint tree trunks on citrus to keep them from sunburning, we pick the fruit at the end of the season to keep the roof rats away, we put up decorations, we clean ponds and fountains, we catch fish when their are too many in the pond, we trim trees and shrubs.

    Basically we do anything a client wants as long as it is legal and they are paying for it. Fewer clients and more revenue from each one, 40 accounts and nearly 500-K in revenue this year.
  5. Mike M

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    Thanks for responses.

    I was worried the question was too much like "how much should I charge", since there are so many variables.

    My lawns are 1/4 acre and easy to cut (centipede with few trees). The landscape beds are even easier, mostly new homes with small trees, shrubs, and mostly limited to the front, with pine straw wrapped around the foundation.

    I definately want to upsell for complete service. I am also going to offer installation for both plants and outdoor lighting.

    I'm trying to base the rate for complete service on a breakdown of each task, at about 50-60 per hour, which is my cutting rate. I was wondering if the cutting rate should be the same with the other services (excluding installations).

    Primarily I have two distinct customers; my own development with out-of-towners (second home or rentals) that want the property maintained at 10 day cuts, and a retirement community not far from me that has homes with beautiful landscaping (I will get in there for the upcoming season).



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