Full Size Skid Steer Or Minintrack Loader?


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Heres the deal, been in the landscping game for a bout 18 years . Founded Landscapes by Zingrone 1993. I like alot of other guys started this busines cutting grass .I worked out of a 1986 chevy celeb station wagon mostly at the time, and could not tell a dandelion from a daffodil . Though thru the course of many years of field experince and many hort and landscaping seminars , we have grown into a full fledged landscape construction company.Currently we run 1 mowing crew (4 -48" hydros and all your other basic mowing equip. 2-3 man crew do about $4800 a week just in mowing ) About 135-150 cuttings per week, carry a Pa category 7 liscense for lawn and turf,as well as a Pa nurserymens liscense, 3 plow and salt trucks for the winter. 2 landscaping crews in which we construct retaining wall systems , ponds and waterfalls to new landscape construction. All these years we have done everything by manual hand labor(shovel and a wheelbarrow ). Any thoughts on Mini-tracked skid steers versus a full sized bocat 863 or equivlent type of machine. Not sure which way to go , because we would use the walk behind loader probably on a daily basis. Where as a bigger machine would probably sit idle most of the week. But then comes the day when i can't move a pallet of block or have to build ramps just to be albe to dump into our trucks. Should we get a mini and just contiue renting or subing when we need bigger equip.
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I don't know if you were thinking along these lines, but what growth potential? It seems like you have locked up small jobs. If you want to continue doing that, keep with the mini. If you go with a skid steer you have the potential to do more bigger job which can equal more money. With a skid steer you can do new lawns and big installations. In addition to that you can expand your snow removal busniess with a skid steer. That said, do you have dump trucks and a trailer that you will need if you buy a skid steer? I guess everything comes down to what direction you want to go.

A compromise might be an ASV RC 30. It's a pretty small machine that can get in some tight places but still has the ability to move some dirt.


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Check out small telehandlers Like a JCB 520-40 or 520 or a Bobcat V518 or V623.I prefer the JCB for the smaller size and the auxillary hydraulics on the boom for attachments.These machines don't tear up the ground like a skidsteer.They have better visability and ride.You can push snow to places you can't with anything else.With my 520 I've plowed/augered/bushhog /jackhammered/etc.It can also climb over things that a skidsteer can't.You'll have no trouble loading dumps.The nice thing about the telehandler is you can boom out with your attachments


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ASV make several tracked skidloaders that smoke wheeled one from30 to 100 HP. They have power like a bulldozer and more lift that a wheeled skid loader. Plus most can outrun a 863 bobcat. I am looking at a RC50=bobcat 763. I am getting the asv, now i just have to figure out how to pay for it.


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ASV's are great machines. But consider the upkeep. There are no aftermarket rubber tracks available for these, which means you can only get them from ASV. I've heard that they can range anywhere from $4000-$6000 PER TRACK! OUCH! You may want to consider the Bobcat 873 with over-the-tire tracks from McLaren (THEY ARE AWESOME!) to beat the snow. Plus you can take them off with ease.

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