Full spraying herbicides twice per year

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Green Sweep, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. Green Sweep

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    I read on the Trimec 992 label that "maximum number of broadcast applications per treatment site is 2 per year." I was wondering if this is standard for all 2,4,D, Dicamba products. We have full sprayed twice with Trimec & probably will need to full spray some lawns again. Could I full spray Momentum? Horsepower? any other herbicide?

  2. JLC

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    24d blanket sprays twice a year. Check the label. Momentum has 24d
  3. Any other spray with 2,4-D in it is 2 times a year but unlimited spot spraying.

    Now here is a trick for you, go with Confront for your Fall spraying and you are in the clear.
  4. EJK2352

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    Horsepower has MCPA,Triclopyr & dicamba as active ingredients. It has no 2,4-D and would be a good choice for a 3rd. blanket spray. :) ;) :) ED
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    Sounds like you didn't do such a good job on the first two applications that you need a third (maybe you didn't time them proeprly), but like LGF says...go with Confront. I have had great results with it and don't mind the cost. Not to mention studies have shown clopyralid is root absorbed making the Confront a lethal herbicide for missed targets.
  6. Green Sweep

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    We full sprayed the 2nd & 3rd applications. We wrapped up the 3rd applications in late June - early July. We spot-sprayed for the 4th application but about 30% of our customers do not get this app. Alot of these lawns have thinned out because of the drought. Purslane, Spotted Spurge, & Oxalis have begun to take over. We wont have to full spray alot of lawns for the fall app. I just wasnt sure on the 2,4,D limits for the ones that we have to spray. I love confront - but it is expensive and I do no not think that it is necessary for the weeds we are targeting.

    Thans guys,
  7. HBFOXJr

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    Try this approach.

    Blanket app(s) Sept to Dec. Usually one will do it on better lawns, bad ones take 2. Spot the rest of the year. For those whose lawns get crappy over the summer it is a good reason to sell them on different service or change the approach to selling so that their expections are that they will have some garbage, but you'll clean it up in the fall.

    Broadleaf controls can be applied up until the nights are below freezing and days in the upper 30's to 40's. Control is great. Clean turf the following spring.

    Try a different pre-emergent that has some broad leaf control or use your existing at a higher rate if recommended for broadleafs as well as crabgrass.

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