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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doug406, Feb 20, 2000.

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    I work for a percentage of our company as a full time employee. That way my pay increases with performance and finding accounts. I make the bids, therefore, I know what the accounts are worth to my check. I enjoy working for a percentage and being involved with all accounts. Find a percentage that you can deal with. An employee, such as myself, will find it beneficial to have knowledge of what I'm getting paid weekly by the accounts. It also lets me know which accounts need to be dropped so we can increase our rate of pay.
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    Lazer is right about the salary part as long as they are in a manager type job you dont have to pay for o.t. As far as enforcement all it takes is one person to read the labor law sheet and they know all they need to know including what # to call to make a compliant. As far as if they agree to working for normal when it should be o.t. I would be carefull I seen a couple times where the guy said no problem then got pissed off down the line made a complaint and the state went in and forced payment of o.t. plus interset so be carefull on doing that part.

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