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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Oscapes, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. MJhnson Lawn

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    I work 40 hrs a week, cutting grass for the school system with excellent
    benefits, and I cut partime after work, I use all commercial grade equipment.
    I have somewhere between 10 - 12 clients and want to get about 20.
    I think 20 is all my partime solo operation will handle while working for
    the school system. When I retire from my full time job, Lawn Care is what
    I want to continue to do. I'm also in the process of applying for a business
  2. daveintoledo

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    i work full time too, the way things are going, this place will be closing, i have 5 weekly cusomers and am bidding on jobs almost everynight.... hope to have 10 - 15 we will see.....
  3. drsogr

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    Good luck to everyone! I do part-time landscaping and I feel that before too long I will be doing full-time landscaping. Unforntunately my full-time job pays well. So I am really trying to make sure that the money is there before I jump!
  4. richmadmax

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    I work full time at the airport, ground area. This is my first year run my new company on the side. I got 20 accounts, looking good. What is great at my job is that when it rains i work more at the airport and winter so much over time. Only bad news is the airlines are hurting, had to take a paid cut last year. But hay i can make it up cutting grass. BEST TO LUCK TO ALL.
  5. jimslawns

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    Work at FD 10 days a month (24hrs) Mow the days I am off. ~55-60 regular accounts plus added applications for exsisting customers this season. Odd Leaf and spring clean ups (get several new ones each year from referrels :p )

    SCAG POWER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well i do this full time it is my secound year and i have picked up a few more clients , now every one that was a customer last year has come back on at this time and i have picked up a few new ones so far. At the start of this season i have done more landscape projects than last year one project took almost a month to complete, it was a complete redue.This was the biggest thing that i have taken on and you could not do it if you were working any where else.

    I do not have any type of support from any other source except this bring in the money that is needed too run this.I look at it this way the time you waste doing some thing for that employer, you help them reach their goals , while putting yours on hold. So i might not have an abundance of cash helping me get this to the next level, but it is moving in the rite direction.

    During the month of April i have another complete tear out to go look at this one will be just as envloved as the last, Most lawn guys do not payup want this type of work , but i like it.

    My wife and i went to the home show in Orlando , and i looked at all the displays that i saw where they showed what they can do to some ones back yard, she asked me if this is the type of work that i could do i said break out that check book and i will show you a yard that can't be beat, MONEY CURES ALL. payup
  7. lear35

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    I work fulltime as a regional airline pilot and no I don't make $100,000 dollars a year. As we all know, the airline industry is not doing very well and probably will not recover for some time. Oil prices are killing us. Ticket prices are gonna have to go up for a recovery. The price of a fare to Florida for spring break this year is about what is was 25 years ago-in actual dollars, not adjusted for inflation. It is the only industry in the world that passes its operating costs to its employees rather than its customers. I worked for a fairly large lawncare company during the summers in college and decided to start a lawncare business this year. I formed an LLC last year to do some pressure washing and changed the name and focus of the company to lawncare. I still do pressure washing, but mostly in the form of upselling to my clients. I have acquired 10 mowing accounts so far and will probably cap it at about 15. I purchased a Quick 36 Super Duty with the Briggs 16hp engine. Great machine and is the perfect size for the properties I am doing. I also run a 21" Honda, Redmax 7001 blower, Redmax 225 stick edger, an old Homelite trimmer which I will use until it quits and then will probably replace with a Redmax trimmer and various other tools enclosed in a 6x10 v-nose Horton Hauler. Atlanta is a great market for this. It has a good growing season and people pay fairly good money to have their yard done. I have one account for $40 and every thing else is $50 and up for a typical 1/2 acre 3/4 acre lot. I will feel it out this year and maybe next year hire some help. Good Luck Guys
  8. richmadmax

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    I'm too from the airline industry, here in chicago. Let me be the first one to say welcome. I work part time cut grass with others, this year starting to do it myself. I wish you all the luck out there.

    ACE LANDSCAPING L.L.C. LawnSite Member
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    i'm a land surveyor in nh and started my company last sept. i have a partner who also works ath the survey company. and yesterday i put in my two weeks notice. i feel the same way about working for some $#$*&^%^%!@% and making him money while i think about the money and experience i could be getting. i don't have a ton of experience but i think i'm honest and a hard worker with the right additude to be my own boss. so it'll probably start slow but in the long run we'll make it work and we'll be ok. i think it takes away from your potential working your 40 and then mowing on the side not to mention takes away from your home life. it's bad enough you work 7-4 and only see your wife/kids/girlfriend who ever for 4-5 hours and go to bed. now you have to go mow lawns till 7-8 and then go home to bed. well thats my take on things.

    thanks good thread
  10. N.H.BOY

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    I have worked full time {still} for Frito-Lay as a salesman for 14 years. :confused: Well next year will be my last so I can say I have been with a co. for 15 years and my pension woulnd go up at 15 years. Been doing lawn care/ deck building for a while now. Love doing it. I'm 35 old and I want to build my own buss. Not that Frito is a bad co., but Im making the same $ now as I was 10-14 years ago. Thats B.S. :mad: Easy work selling chips, they sell themselfs. A no brainer job. Work easy hours so I have time for lawns. All well thats my full time job. Im the LAY-MAN :D

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