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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Oscapes, Mar 24, 2005.

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    i work 40+ hours a week and have 10 accounts to keep up with, i think that doing this helps me build the business better because everything I make mowing go right back into it so i can get better equipment for when i plan to go fulltime i will be well prepared
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    I manage investment real estate for a professional management company 40+ hours a week and handle 10-20 yards per week depending on how many houses we have for rent that week and other variables. I started just to pay for my equipment that I use at home and then kept making money so needless to say I am still going.

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    Three years in part time. I have a partner 50/50 we both worh full time for the state and mow and landscape part time. We now have about 35 weekly accounts, plus applications, landscape jobs ( mostly small) and yes of course aeration season $$$$. The problem is we can not take on any more work, how do you go from part time to full time? It seem like we are full time now and I know we could make it but it is a hard first step. We both have a wife and 3 small children at home(only income). we have low overhead which is key to starting out, we did finally purchase 2 new scag tiger cubs last oct. For all you other "part-timers" I know what you go though with the schedule of job #1 and mowing your accounts but keep plugging away I guess, we are at the point that we will have to decided if we want to go full time. We are no longer seeking new account, not that I would ever turn them down. I will be going full time in 2006 with my partner or on my own I guess. Next question how to split up what we built together? I guess we will see!

    2 scag tiger cubs 48/19
    1 wright stander 52/23
    1 scag wb 36/14
    shin t230 trimmers
    stilh fc75 edger
    echo pb 602 blower
    red max hedge trimmer
    7x16 trailer
    5x10 trailer
    1999 dodge ram
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    I work a 40 hour per week job and cut Wednesday-Friday evening and most Saturdays. I have 16 regular customers, 2 of which are bi-weekly. I also have a few other customers who just use me for cleanups and shrub trimming.
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    Lay-man I'm surprised to hear that chips sell themself. I guess it would depend on who you have accounts with? If it's not Walmart you got to answer to the upper-reps about why you didn't sell 20% more that last year, the year before and so on.

    I'm a programmer, over 40 and have become obscure. Right now the check is still there but its beginning to look pretty shakey around here. Several things have occured. Again I've not kept up with the market in terms of technology, 911, outsourcing to india, more and more IT professionals graduating... The pendulumn has swung and its bottoming out. We advertise grunt PC positions making $12.00 an hour and the resumes we get are astounding. A 4 year degree to make chump change(no offense)

    So I'm looking around at what to do. I have always enjoyed working outside and I don't mind mowing. 3 years ago I moved from the burbs out to the country. I bought 14acres and had a house built. Since then all I do is work on the property and I have discovered that I love being outside doing stuff. Working the tractor, building fences, mowing the fileld.

    Since then I have built a barn, learned to weld and work front-end loader. All this stuff is hard, HOT work but I love it and I'm proud of my work. Not bad for a programmer I'd say.

    So when you hear me talk about starting my own business because my career is in the tank, be careful not to group me in with those who haven't thought things through.

    Right now I'd like to get up and walk out, begin putting out flyers, go to the chamber meetings, call everone I know, place adds in the penny papers. I just can't make myself do it mainly because its too late in the season.

    Nothing is better than a steady paycheck. Well maybe the lotto but thats a whole other talk show. So I've got me ear to the ground mainly. I'ke this website but I'm still trying to digest the lowballer issues and how that will affect a start-up LCO.

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