Full time or Part time job??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bob's Lawn Care, Dec 28, 2000.

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    I stumbled on to this site at the begining of december, registered the next day and have been comimg back every day sense. I have found a lot of your posts interesting and very infomative. Lately I have just sitting back and absorbing as much info I can, trying to learn more ( and using the search, as to not repeat other posts ). This is a side business I've been into for the last 3 years, so I am always looking to see how the pros do it, what they use, and if I can, pick their brain. I am curious though, as to how many of you out there are in the business full time or part time like myself. If you are full time or part time I will always be open to suggestion.
    Thank you in advance for your future opinions and experiences.


    P.S. Thank you Eric, Lazer and anyone else involved with Lawnsite.com!!! You have a great site.:)
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    I started in the Lawn Care Business about 2 1/2 yrs ago, after 6 yrs with the same factory. When my 6 mth old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and many months in the hospital and me having to take off work alot my employer started to complain and not understand as much when I had to leave. So I decided to be my own boss and told my employer see ya!! So, with little to no start up capital (Huskee mower & a Dodge Dakota pick up) I started to beat the streets and get my business going. Well this spring will be my 3rd season and I am proud to say my business is thriving, just landed a big apartment complex contract and will probaly hire my first employee (fun). I would also like to add my daughter is 23 mths post 2nd transplant and her and her brother are just like any other normal kids, (healthy and getting on each other's nerves) LOL!!
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    A big thanks to Chuck Keough!!! And thank you Eric for the search link.

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    Hope your daughter's health remains strong. good luck with your business - you deserve it.
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    I'll be Praying for your family. God wouldn't put anything on you, that he knew you couldn't handle. Be Strong Dude!
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    Mowman here. I also am a part-timer in the business. After not getting a raise for 5 years at the factory I work for I started cutting the neighbors lawn to get some extra cash. Now I'm up to 12 weekly customers. Bought a Walker ZTR this year and hope to double or triple customer base for 2001 and tell the factory where to stick their JOB. Work at night and cut grass during the day. Some days I make more cutting grass than I make at work all week. HA!!!!!! That's depressing after working at the same factory for 24 years.
    Keep up the Quality work and the lawns WILL COME!!!!!!
    Take Care,
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    7 years here. I used to work a full time and a part time for years. One day I thought that if I put all this energy in someone elses job why not start my own. I have been loving it from that day own.
  9. I'm part-time in the lawn biz. I have been in it for about 5 years now. I have 13 residential accounts that I mow. I bought a Dixie Chopper XW2500 this year to better service my accounts, boy has it made a difference in my mowing. My customers have commented on how much better their yards looked this year. I hope in a few years to go full time once I'm not paying child support to an ex-wife.
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    I worked p/t at UPS for 6 yrs and starting mowing on the side after I was at UPS for 3 yrs..I quit UPS 2 yrs ago and went f/t into the biz..When I started into it f/t, I had around 30 accounts...I've had really great luck and growth in the past two yrs..I now have 3 employees and service 110 accounts..I'll probably increase that to around 150 next year..Best of luck to you..Clean-Cut

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