Full-Time Paramedic looking for PT advice

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Coolclay84, Nov 2, 2013.

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    Not a bad wage however in places with a high cost of living...?....?
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    As a FD vet (34 years) and a seasoned LCO (24 years) I say do what your heart tells youl. Utilize your time to better your family's future without compromising family time. That is easy to say yet hard to balance. I gave up furthering my education, concentrating on my business so my wife could raise my kids. It cost me a Battalion job. I saw my kids when they would come to the shop, to the station or when they were sleeping. That went on for several years.

    If you choose to start a business KEEP It SMALL. When I started with a push mower in 89 I wanted to make $100 a month. It quickly went to $100 a week, $100 a day to $100 an hour. It is a slippery slope at the cost of family time. Employees and customers were driving me crazy. If you choose to concentrate on the FD then go to school and use your "down time" at the station productively and limit the OT to only what you need.

    Lawn work is mind clearing, keeps you healthy and is both financially and mentally rewarding. As I am looking at retirement from the FD, I just hope my back will hold up for the work.

    Good luck with your choice but KEEP THE FAMILY FIRST.
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    I have been career medic over 17 years now. Did all the over time shifts I could handle when I was younger. I woke up one day and realized I spent more time at Ems than I did with my family. It was then I decided to get into something I could control myself. 4 years into lawn care and I'm making way more now than I do with Ems. I set my schedule around my full time 10 days per month. My wife helps out when she can but I'm mostly a one man show. Very good therapy for the things we see and do with our called careers.
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    You can net 800/week if you work 8 hour days and use small mowers.

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