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    In Camden NJ, a woman set off 6 insect fumigators in her row home. The fumes reached the pilot light on her gas stove and ignited the spray. The house was heavely damaged and the woman is seriously burned.
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    Actually it was Trenton, NJ and according to the Star Ledger of NJ, she was spraying an aerosol pesticide, with no mention of using fumigation. I think Bob's version makes more sense. I didn't think an aerosol would create such a large fire just by hitting an open flame, although any fire can become a large one if left unattended for long enough. This was a row house and since there was a lot of damage to the 2 neighboring houses, 30 people are now homeless. Another example of why people should call in professionals to take care of things.
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    isn't the idea to keep the people and leave the bug's homeless.
    Jim L

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