Fun With a Back Pack Blower


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Take your redmax 6200 blower,start it, put it on, aim tube straight up, insert raquet ball or toad down tube, put hand over end of tube, rev engine full throttle, remove hand and let it fly.


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LOL .The things we do.<br>Over here cane toads are a real pest as they <br>are poisonous.Consequently,they make for hours of fun with golf clubs,cricket bats,<br>mowers,shotguns,ect.<p>Karl<br>

little green guy

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sounds like a good idea. Are you supposed to aim at windows? Another cool thing is to get a soccer ball, aim you tube straight up, while it's at low throttle but the ball on the top of the tube then rev it to full throttle and the ball will hover about a foot above the tube it's cool. REDMAX RULES !!!!!!!!!!<p>P.S - don't worry bob works slowing down for me to. We need rain. Good thing I do landscaping too.

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