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Fund-raising ideas?


LawnSite Senior Member
My son went into the hospital this past Memorial Weekend with a ruptured appendicitis. The nurse says he will still need to be under their care for a few more days. Hopefully I can get him out by Thursday. That may be rushing it though by how he looked yesterday.

Anyway, this little trip to the hospital looks like it is going to run him about $12,000 to $15,000 and he does not have health insurance. I was trying to come up with some way to help him. Some kind of fund-raiser or something.

Anyone have any good ideas how we can help this poor guy. He is 24 and runs his own lawn business. His younger brother has volunteered to cover his mowing route. I want to help but I know he wouldn't want me to "care of him" so if you have any ideas I would appreciate it.



LawnSite Member
Try selling hotdogs and hamburgers with drinks. Ask your local grocery store if you can set up there, expalin the situation. They should be willing to accomodate you. Also ask the hospital to negotiate the bill lower with the billing department, not the doctor. Hospitals lower the bills all the time.
Get some older kids together and try a car wash too. Good luck.


LawnSite Senior Member
Hey thanks a lot. I already talked to the billing dept and they said they would see what they could do.


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MA z6
honestly, if you offered the hosp. 50 cents on the dollar they'd prob take it, i've seen it first hand. they balloon their numbers big time and will still make $$ at those numbers. (actually the crappy thing about situations like this is that they charge individuals way more than ins. companies) can you take out a home equity line or something to throw them a lump sum? i'd be shocked if they didn't take it. your son can pay you back over time.....