fungicide and thatch.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by locutus, Mar 1, 2005.

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    Do systemic fungicides reduce the rate that mulched clippings and or thatch decompose?
  2. heritage

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    It really depends which Fungicides you use. Many classes of Fungicides supress and kill microbes in the soil that help decompose thatch.
    Do you have a thatch problem on lawn areas where you applied Systemic Fungicides? What is the name(s) of the Fungicides in question?

    Pete D.
  3. With proper cultural pratices, seldom should you need to apply a fungicide to residential turf!
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    Tim- I have followed your post for over a year now and have alot of respect for your knowledge, but I must disagree with you on this one. It is true that cultural practices are paramount in reducing disease activity, the reality is that you can do everything right from a cultural standpoint and from an agronomic treatment standpoint and still have disease problems that require fungicide treatment. Cultural practices dictate that you don't water your lawn in the evening or night during hot/humid conditions, what about late afternoon or evening thunderstorms that leave turf soaked at night. You can cut it high, water it textbook, aerate every year, control thatch, etc. and still battle Rhizoctonia, Helminthosporium and others. Have you noticed alot of interest from the major fungicide manufactures lately as far as marketing both curative and preventative fungicide apps. I think that over the next several years the cost/ benefit ratio of fungicides will make them a bigger player in most treatment programs.

    QUOTE=timturf]With proper cultural pratices, seldom should you need to apply a fungicide to residential turf![/QUOTE]
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    I'm in complete agreement with timturf on this. It has been my experience over 27 seasons in lawn care that ther'e is a direct correlation between fungus contol apps,and thatch buildup!
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    Have you ever heard of mycorhyzae? Some fungi are beneficial to the landscape. Thatch contains a significant amount of lignin(difficult to decompose). Fungi are decomposers of lignin par excellence. If fungicides are routinely sprayed on turf thatch will accumulate instead of decomposing naturally and contributing it's OM to the soil. There are many species of fungi present in healthy soil. The balance between harmful and beneficial is best maintained through cultural practices.

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