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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by kirk1701, Jun 5, 2010.

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    Got to agree Riggle it does resemble BPatch more then it does Dspots. I just took a look at the link from NSCU then seached DSpots on NSCU and dollar spots seem to look smaller in diameter and a lot more greyish to almost white in color.

    I've attached more pic's as of today.

    As for the irrigating, thats how I got to where I'm at and a bit beyond my control, 10" of rain in March and June has been much of the same so far with the last tweek being 70% humidity, late evening showers and above 70 degrees for overnight lows.

    What's your thought on Heritage G as its granular?

    No offense Koester so please don't take it as such, I'm a bit old fashion and guess I always go by the old saying "if it sounds to good to be true it probably is". Not that I don't believe you or that it won't work I'd just feel better putting something down that was made specifically for fungus and leave the baking soda in the pinto beans to take care of the gas :drinkup:
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    oops, forgot the pics.

    Copy of IMG_0351.jpg

    Copy of IMG_0352.jpg
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    We'll guys I've found out why this keeps coming back every year now. As many times as I've posted about this no one has mentioned this I'm a bit surprised.

    I've been told that once you have the fungus unless you treat it will stay dormant in the ground and come back every year when conditions are favorable.

    So, me be on my way to Southern States tomorrow for the 4 oz bottle of Heritage and then I'll probably repeat in 14 days. Next spring I've been told to alternate the fungicide don't use the same one so I'll switch to the Prostar for preventive measure before it has a chance to start.

    As for Heritage, .02 to .04 ounces per gallon my question here is there a beaker I can by or a simply way to measure this as I'm going to be using a 4 gallon back pack sprayer mixing 4 gallon at a time?

    Hell Koester I might even put the baking soda down for kicks and giggles and an extra layer of protection now. :drinkup:
    Honestly man, hope you didn't take offense to my not wanting to go that route? Thanks for the suggestion though; hope there's no hard feelings right?
  4. dKoester

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    Its all good here man. No hard feelings.
  5. BZACK

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    Check with your local pharmacy and ask for an oral syringe to measure 5 ml (1 tsp) or less.
  6. kirk1701

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    Now that's a nice idea but does the syringe mease in CC or tenths of an ounce?

    I need tenths of an ounce as the Heritage is .02 ounces per 1,000
  7. rlitman

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    You should try:
    and get with the metric system, as that's the only thing you'll find for smaller quantities.

    0.02oz around 0.6mL
  8. greendoctor

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    Unless you are using Heritage TL, you need a scale that weighs in tenths of an ounce. Heritage in a 4 oz bottle is a DF that must be dissolved in water. 2-4 gallons of water per 1000 sq ft if I remember correctly.
  9. BZACK

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    You can also get various size oral syringes (1, 3, 5, 10 ml, etc.) on line. With 1 ml syringes, you can measure to 0.05 ml if you need that small a volume. For 4 gallons, you can measure 2.4 ml with a 3 ml syringe. About $15 for 100 syringes, so cheap enough for single use so you don't cross contaminate, etc.

  10. kirk1701

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    Thanks guys, the Heritage just shipped so as per label mow a couple days before applying.

    Mowing today, should be applying Friday and I still need to calibrate the sprayer and practice putting it down evenly before Friday.

    Pretty much all I've ever had to do in the past is spot spray so wasn't a big deal.

    As per measuring it out this time I'm going with this formula:

    1 ounce into 128 ounces of water
    this will be the concentrate and will do 5,000 SQ FT

    backpack sprayer holds 4 gallon so 25 ounces per gallon or 100 ounces to 4 gallon which should do 4,000 SQ FT.

    Easy and efficient :drinkup:

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