fungicide on rust????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by nick9882, Aug 7, 2009.

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    we have quite a few customers with rust,usually we put a 24-0-11 and tell them to water,it has been working pretty well,we have one cust. who is unable to water,someone told me if i put a fungicide down on a day it was supposed to rain(to make sure it got watered in)that it would take care of it.any ideas on this.anyone use a fungicide on rust before
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    Where are you located? "Rust" is a soil borne fungus. It can lie there even in winter. We treat apple trees monthly begining after the blooms have fallen. During the very early spring or late winter, I apply "Clearys 3336 and Daconil to the orchards. After bloom season, the trees get the same treatment. You've got to change fungicides or rotate them for a good control.
    Good cultural practices on lawns is your best defense against the fungi. Keep the grass mowed close and really fertilized well. as well a watch your watering cycles. Most fungus on grass will grow out of it if enough correct fertilize is applied. Test your soil and make sure that the fertilize is meeting the requirements for the turf not just some random numbers pulled out of the air.
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    We use Fore 80WP on rust.
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    Rust blows up from frost free areas of Texas--it does not survive our winters in the north. It moves about 200 miles infects new grass--produces spores and these blow further north in turn. You need a warm breeze from the south. Don't bother with rain or watering it in. You must protect the young grass blades, by coating them with fungicide.
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    we are in illinois,every year we always see rust on lawns,but this year seems to be really bad,everyone is calling about it.i put down Prophecy fungicide(supposed to be the closest thing to Bayleton)on the one lawn with really bad rust,i have yet to see the results yet though,just put it down friday.

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