Fungicide Program


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Knowing there are significant differences for different areas of the country:
I have a couple clients that are interested in a preventative fungicide program for their lawn. I could throw something together pretty quick having been a gc superintendent.... but most of that stuff isn't allowed on lawns. Anyone out there with a program they'd care to share with me? Ideas?

for what it's worth, I'm in SE MO.


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Depends on what type of fungus your looking to control?

Rotating Eagle20, Cleary's 3666 and Heritage has worked for me with Brown Patch

You can find them all here

But I'd look around in your area first or you can also find them cheaper from:

But you'll have to call for pricing.

I'm still working on controlling brown patch by watching what applications I apply and when I apply. Example, don't put nitrogen down after April it will spread fungus. This year I'm going to the extreme, just a pre-m and NO N at all. I put my Nitrogen down last fall and all the N my lawn will get this year is the recycled clippings.

Also, lower your pH and don't lime as often