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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kirk1701, May 24, 2012.

  1. kirk1701

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    Hey all,
    Been looking at this thread for a week now and giving me an idea to add one to my rotation just not sure which.

    Plenty of good ideas here but I know you guys talked about mode of action in the past so I want to make sure I choose the right one to rotate with a different mode.

    Right now I'm using Clearys, Eagle & Heritage

    Which can I add but I want a 30 day treatment?
    Prostar I see is 14 - 21 days but can I get away with 30 and is it a different mode?

    We'll I'm not that rich yet :laugh:

    Any other choices or should I stick with the 3 I'm doing?
  2. Think Green

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    I hope you are getting quality rains there. A couple months ago, I smoked some Encore azaleas with cleary's 3336F. The problem seemed to be leaf spot. I mixed the amount of .12 oz. per gallon of water X 4 gallons = or 0.48 ounces per backpack. No adjuvants used.
    The weather turned sour a couple of days later.........windy, dry, and warm...(no rains as of yet) smoked the leaves and made the plants look like you hit them with roundup.
  3. kirk1701

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    Yea Think Green, we've had plenty of rain here however it's turned off hot and dry the last week but we need to dry out some.

    I used Clearys a month ago, going into June I'm going with Eagle20

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