Fungicide Suggestion to Prevent Snow Mold

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by topcat, Oct 7, 2004.

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    Has anyone put down a fungicide in fall to control snow mold and if so what brand? Have had bad snow mold the last two years on my personal lawn up here in the northeast with heavy snow accumulations and I'm trying to do some preventative action this year. Grass is cut down to approx 2.5 to 2.75" and last fertilizer app done in early Sept every year. Any suggestions?
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    PCNB is great for preventing snow mold. Scotts FF2 is a good product. Be careful though as PCNB is a hot fungicide and applying it a the wrong rates can easily toast turf. Since you're in Buffalo you may want to do two applications. Once in the fall and one in January is usually sufficient.
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    We use a product from Lesco called Revere. The active ingredient is pentachloronitrobenzene (sp). Its a granular and put down as late in the season as possible, before snow begins to accumulate. If we get a thaw during winter, and turf is exposed, we apply then also. We only do this in areas with high value turf (ballfields, practice green, main Administration building).
  4. Which snow mold? pink or gray?
  5. Runner

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    That was MY is just not that common to foresee. Grey isn't that big of a deal, since it is actually harmless in most cases, and will grow out with proper timing of Z. Which brings me to something else I was going to add. Watch the amount of N you put on as the grass wants to slow down,.. because it is easy to put in too much, and end up with more topgrowth than wanted just befor the snow hits. Even though as the grass slows down on topgrowth, and it stores much of this N as carbohydrate, it is also possible for it to spend some more and get more growth than desired. This is just a thought that I would throw in there.
  6. nitrogen isn't stored as a carbohydrate!
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    My mistake,... sorry. I meant Potassium as far as the storage, but the N thing is something to watch with too much growth going into winter. Don't get me wrong,...a good dose of N in the fall is WAY better than a dose in early spring (like so many fert. co.'s do for a "zap" of green growth). The main thing is, for grey, it is usually harmless and is easily taken care of with the proper nutrients and perhaps even a raking - especially if it's in a shaded area. Also, thanks for the correction, Tim. :)
  8. My experience with snow molds was that grey was more damaging than pink. We only worried about it on the bent putting greens. Proper culture pratices kept any snow mold to a acceptable level on the rest of gc.
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    always had good luck with pcnb

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