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    do u include fungicides as part of your programs? do u use fungicides as a "prevent", or a "treatment" . what do u use, when do u apply it? thanx
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    Fungicides are too costly to allow as part of a program. Only used when absolutely necessary. Most people don't want to pay the cost of the application. Most fungal diseases will clear up on their own along (i.e. red thread, rust, etc.)
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    Is there a fungus amongus? That is the question.

    Disease control is tricky for lawn ap programs. Some say it is too costly and isn't practical for home lawns. Is it practical to let a lawn be badly damaged by a disease? Many lawn programs use Merit or Mach II as an insect prevention, even though an application of Merit is more costly than bayleton for example.

    It depends on the disease and how persistant it is. Many diseases will grow out with good cultural practices, however some diseases, especially soil diseases such as summer patch can be as damaging as insects. Summer patch kicked my but last season on a couple of lawns. The problem with a bad case of summer patch is that once you see the symptoms it is too late, Good night Irene, Put a fork in that lawn, it is done. So in that case, if you have the lawn next season, you want to treat it preventatively, at least until the lawn's roots are able to mature. I have had red thread consistantly hit the same lawns, year after year. Even though it will "eventually" grow out, a bad case makes you look bad, especially if followed up by a dry period.

    Make sure you diagnose correctly.
    Make sure all proper cultural practices are being followed, especially irrigation.
    If that doesn't solve the problem, treat preventatively, and charge accordingly.
    Diseases are in my opinion, the toughest of lawn care problems.
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    It is an extra here, but I've offered it this year as an option at preventative rate. I'm mostly concerned with the summer patch diseases. The customer has been told in advance that certain diseases under certain conditions may require additional treatment. They are also told that control may be good for 7-30 days depending on the disease and the factors that favor it.

    AS with any IPM approach there is a ceratin "economic threshold to be considered". Meaning maybe the client and or his lawn can tolerate some damage and natural recovery or limited seed repair better than the cost of the fungicide. Of course there is the aesthetic factor where some folks don't care about the cost they want a decent looking, uniform lawn to look at.

    This is an area where lots of knowledge and sales skills are a must.

    I like Bayleton and Scotts Fluid Fungicide II for genral use.

    In the past I've treated when and if the client or I observed a problem and they gave me the permission to treat. In many cases the problem is somewhat isolated. I may treat only a front or back lawn. I never spot treat. Always broadcast the entire lawn segment. I generally mix the preventive rate for this and apply to selected site. Then I immediately retreat the affected areas and their margins to get the curative rate. That method has provided me and the client with the greatest benefit at the lowest cost.
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    I have researched summer patch a good bit this year, mainly cause it kicked my but as I stated earlier. Testing shows that bayleton performed poorly on summer patch. Any thoughts? Clearys did much better and they have a granular form. More expensive, but I was going to try it on the lawns that got nailed last year.
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    lawns that i did a preventive fungicide app. last few yrs. had a decreased summer patch outbreak.
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    Summer Patch is best prevented. Don't schedule applications on the calendar but rather monitor soil temperatures instead. For KBG lawns here in the Northeast the first app goes down as soon as the soil temperature hold 65F for 2-3 days at 2" depth. Any deviations & there is really not much use in treating.

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    tremor: were in the heck have you been? lol
    glad to hear from you..
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    Been busy Ant....Not with Lesco any more. Ahhhhhhh........

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