fungus in mulch

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by MLawns, Aug 12, 2006.

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    My neighbor's son bought her some mulch on Mother's Day and installed it. With the wet and hot and humid year we've had here she has a fungus growing on top of it probably 6-8" long and 4-6" across, a yellow color that looked like spilled paint.It was tacky to the touch. She left the house one day at 4:00 pm and everything was fine. She returned at 8:00 pm and had 4 of these spots growing ( a span of 4 hours) one of which was creeping up the foundation a couple inches. She's a retired nurse and a little fussy and is out there every day with latex gloves. She removes what she can with a pooper scooper and gets the rest by hand. It got into a climatis plant and looks like it may kill it. After a week I was there again and one of the spots turned a brownish color and looked like the spray insulation you get at the hardware store, a couple inches thick as well. Does anybody know what this is and will we be able to get rid of it without replacing the mulch?
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    check your private message, i left u a link, just do a search on fungus in mulch and you will have a lot of links with pics.....these should definetly help you out.........
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    Won't hurt anything, just ugly. Scrape it off with a shovel and toss. That's the only thing you can do about this stuff
  4. lilmarvin4064

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    I believe its called "dog vomit" slime mold. Fuligo Septica.
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    ew that sounds pretty gross
  6. beautifullawns

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    nothing you can do about it. Just take a shovel, scoop it up and throw it away.
  7. MLawns

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    Joe65, your link was right on the money. Upidstay and LilMarvin are right too. According to Cornell there's no preventativ measure for it either. This stuff is one large cell that has the ability to move across the mulch by itself. Most commonly found on newly applied mulch.

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