Fungus infestation

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by BillWil, Sep 25, 2005.

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    :help: I am strictly in the business of mow, trim, and blow. I have a customer who has been told he has "summer patch" in his lawn. I have pointed these brown patches out to him each of the last 3 years and this month he has some people give him advice. He has had three profession services come over and give him conflicting recommendations. I told him I know nothing but will as you guys for a recommendation.

    We are in Central Michigan. Should he treat with fungus killer and over seed now, or should he treat with fungus killer now and wait till spring to seed, or should he wait till spring to do both????
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    More than likely summer patch has taken it's toll on the lawn and retired for the year as the climate changes. I would highly recommend seeding this fall as compared to waiting till next spring.
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    probably should also incorporate core aeration into his maintenence package
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    OK, I told my customer to wait until spring. Turns out he was told three different thing my three different lawn treatment guys. The only one who told him what yopu guys said, wait until spring to treat, was a local independant.

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