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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by scweedman, May 13, 2005.

  1. scweedman

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    Does anyone have a preventive brown patch program?
    If so how is it set up. I will start one soon the brown patch
    is becoming a serious problem. And just spaying it when the
    problem comes up it not working year after year. The same
    accounts are having promblems.
  2. marko

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    Here is one that has been recommended. 1st the preventative, then the chemicals. Look up the labels on the Internet for turf types and rates. Fungicides are typically very expensive and hard to get a homeowner to bite since multiple treatments are required every 7 days or so.
    Avoid heavy, early spring and summer fertilization, particularly with soluble nitrogen.

    Avoid over fertilization of turfgrasses growing in shaded areas.

    Use slow-release nitrogen fertilizers. Fertilize to maintain adequate but not lush growth during the growing season. Properly fertilized turf will recover quicker from disease injury than will under-fertilized turf.

    Remove and dispose of clippings from infected areas or when conditions are conducive to disease development. Mulching mowers that chop clippings to 1/4 inch or less do not contribute to brown patch development.

    Prune woody landscape plantings and trees to allow better air movement and light penetration to reach the turfgrass canopy.

    Water infrequently, but deeply, in the early morning, and avoid late evening and night watering.

    When available, plant turfgrass cultivars with a known level of resistance to brown patch.

    Use a preventive fungicide program on high-value turfs with a history of brown patch. On other turfs, apply a registered fungicide at first evidence of the disease. Integrate fungicide treatments with other management practices to maximize their effectiveness.

    Provide good surface and subsurface water drainage to reduce humidity in the turf canopy.

    Manually remove dew in early morning by dragging a garden hose or rope laterally across the grass.

    Annually aerify to reduce thatch buildup.
    Common Name Some Trade Names Professional (P)/
    Homeowner (H) Use


    Azoxystrobin Heritage (Zeneca) P
    Benomyl Benomyl (Hi Yield) H
    Benomyl Lawn Fungicide (Bonide) H
    Benomyl Systemic Fungicide (American) H
    Benomyl Spray (Security) H
    Chloroneb Chloroneb (Andersons) P
    Fungicide V (Scotts) P
    Teremec SP (PBI/Gordon) P
    Terraneb SP (Kincaid) P
    Chlorothalonil** Daconil 2787 (Zeneca) P
    Daconil 2787 Weather Stik (Zeneca) P
    Daconil Ultrex (Zeneca) P
    Manicure (LESCO) P
    Thalonil (Terra) P
    Turf Fungicide (Lebanon) P
    Chlorostar (Regal) P
    Cyproconazole Sentinel (Novartis) P
    Fenarimol Rubigan A.S. (Dow AgroSciences) P
    Patchwork (Riverdale) P
    Flutolanil ProStar (AgrEvo) P
    Iprodione Chipco 26019 (Rhone-Poulenc) P
    Chipco 26GT (Rhone-Poulenc) P
    Fungicide X (Scotts) P
    Maneb Pentathlon (Griffin) P
    Mancozeb Fore (Rohm and Haas) P/H
    Dithane (Rohm and Haas) P
    Mancozeb (LESCO) P
    Protect T/O (Cleary) P
    Junction (Griffin) P
    Mancozeb Flowable (Bonide) H
    Maneb Plus (Green Light) H
    Fore Lawn & Ornamental Fungicide Spray (Acme) H
    Myclobutanil Eagle WSP (Rohm and Haas) P
    Golden Eagle (Scotts) P
    PCNB Defend 2F (Cleary) P
    PCNB 75WP (Cleary) P
    Engage (United Horticultural Supply) P
    Penstar 15G, FLO (Scotts) P
    Revere (LESCO) P
    Terraclor, Turfcide, Turfcide 400 (Uniroyal) P
    Propiconazole Banner MAXX (Novartis) P
    Banner GL (Novartis) P
    Spectracide Immunex Fungicide Concentrate (Spectrum) H
    Quartenary Ammonium Compounds Physan 20 (Maril) P
    Thiophanate-methyl 3336 (Cleary)
    Cavalier 2G, 50WSB, 4.5 F (LESCO) P
    Fungo Flo, 50WSB Systemic Fungicide (Scotts) P
    SysTec 1998 (Regal) P
    Halt Systemic (Ferti-lome) H
    Lawn Fungus Control (Scotts) H
    Systemic Fungicide 3336 (Dragon) H
    Bonomyl System Fungicide (Bonide) H
    Thiram Spotrete 75WDG, F (Cleary) P
    Lawn Disease Control (Bonide) H
    Defiant (UCB) P
    Triadimefon Bayleton (Bayer, Anderson, Lebanon) P/H
    Granular Turf Fungicide (LESCO) P
    Fungicide VII (Scotts) P
    1% Turf Fungicide with Bayleton (Rockland, Bonide) P/H
    Accost (United Horticultural Supply) P
    Bayleton Systemic Fungicide (LESCO) P
    Fungi-Fighter (Monterey) P
    Fungisol (Opti-Gro) P
    Lawn Fungicide, Bayleton 1G (Howard Johnson's) H
    Fung-Away (Green Light) H
    Vinclozolin Curalan (BASF) P
    Touch‚ (LESCO) P
    Vorlan DF (Scotts) P
    Chloroneb+thiophanate-methyl Fungicide IX (Scotts) P
    Chloroneb+fenarimol TwoSome Flowable Fungicide (LESCO) P
    Chlorothalonil+thiophanate-methyl ConSyst (Regal) P
    Spectro 90WDG (Cleary) P
    Propamocarb+chlorothalonil LescoPar (LESCO) P
    Thiophanate-methyl+iprodione Fluid Fungicide (Scotts) P
    Turf Builders plus Fungicide H
    Thiophane-methyl+mancozeb Duosan WP, WSB (Scotts) P
    Thiram+triadimefon Fluid Fungicide III (Scotts) P
    Triadimefon+metalaxyl Fluid Fungicide II (Scotts) P
  3. GrowinGreeninc

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    Man did you dig that list up from the stonage? We do a previtive program
    starting may 10th and treat every 28 days with a rotation of Heritage(syngenta) baner maxx (syngenta) we also add daconil (syngenta) for commercial properties. Most customers get 4-5 per season. The heritage also works great on pythium which is becoming more and more a problem. We charge 1.5 times the regular app price.
  4. marko

    marko LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have done one fungicide treatment. I find if you correctly apply fert, water, mow at the correct height etc, fungus is a very minor problem. I would feel terrible tacking on 4 or 5 additional treatments that could be widely prevented by proper maintenance.
  5. Mscotrid

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    You might like to throw BASF Inginia in the mix,,residential approved and effects Dollar spot also. Heritage has no effect on DS.
  7. T Edwards

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    I'm guessing you're dealing with centipede lawns. I've had good results with broadcasting Bayleton in late April and a follow-up 28 days later. This gets us through the summer and then apply once more in mid-September.
  8. So what type of grass are you dealing with?
  9. ant

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    good post..

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    it is hard to get a cutsomer to bite on a many app program unless they really like there lawn
    and i hate doing apps that areant really needed on all lawns all the time so i take the put the fire out when i see it approch not always the best but it works ok for me

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