Fungus? Wilt? Heat stress?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CoupesCuts, Jul 20, 2012.

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    These are pictures of a lawn we service every week. Last week we showed up to do the mow and you could see the lawn had a little bit of browning in it over the entire lawn. To be expected for the weather we've been having. Flash forward to a week later and this is what it looks like. Obvious tracking from the mower and large brown spots. From the looks of it my thoughts were it was a combination of two things. Fungus and wilt. I can see it being fungus where the mower tracked from the brown patches, but as you can see in some pictures where the grass has just tracks where I suspect wilt.

    The lawn is irrigated, but not sure on the watering schedule. It was in the 90's all last week and very humid. I had a similar problem on this lawn last year and treated with fungicide and seemed to cure the problem. Just looking for any thoughts and second opinions.






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    I would venture yes to multiple issues....

    drought stress as it looks like a perfect ring of drought stress under the large tree in the top left corner...

    possible dollar spot as I have seen a lot of that around here and you are not that far north of me. it will run on the mower tires as well...

    Cant tell for sure without seeing the lesions on the leaf blades to confirm dollar spot.
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    Driving on the dried hot turf leaves wheel tracks, especially if there have been chemicals applied recently... this year we saw a lot of this because the applications were timed with the heat, even before the drought got underway... I tend to believe those wheel tracks are a reaction with sun and chemical stress combined... becuz it only happened to recent application lawns... JMO...
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    This is called "heat tracks". The exact cause of the problem is unknown. It usually results from driving equipment on grass that is at the wilting point. Not due to a fungus or chemical. It will recover on its own after a few days of good growing conditions--takes about two weeks for new green grass to grow.

    Anybody else got good "heat track" pictures?
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    Guys, dont be so quick to write it off as "heat tracks" he is pretty close to my area and I have a sports complex that we have not treated in 3 weeks, and is getting more than enough water....we looked at it on friday and it had spots very similar to what is shown above, there were tire tracks where they drove the gator over those brown areas....we got down on our hands and knees to see what was going on, leaf spot and dollar spot were pretty easy to see once we looked closer....
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    Exactly... it may even be that 'heat tracks' show up on some parts of the lawn becuz of a fungal problem in the area...

    It continues to appear in our area, but never over the entire lawn... so far... :)

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