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    I live in Arlington, TX and laid new St Augustine down this summer. I have had great results and this seems to be the first problem??? I have noticed with the grass so far. We have had warm and cool weather changing alot lately. I showed to my father who used to do irrigation and he thought it was a fungus and recommended I put down a fungus control product. I put down Scotts Lawn Fungus Control two days ago, but really thought it would be a great idea to post some pics on here and get some ideas of what you all think about the yard what your thoughts might be...I am open to ideas...thanks ahead of time. Is this a fungus or appear to be a fungus...seems kind of wierd to just brown up in some patches around the yard. This is the corner on a corner lot.






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    take a sample, wrap it tightly w/clear wrap and duct tape and send it to a lab. That way you will know what you have and they will make recommendations as for treatment. I don't think the "Scott's fungus control" did a dam thing.JMO
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    It looks like Take All patch to me. Hard to tell,but you said it is new grass right?
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    Go to lescol get some mancazeb, put 12 ounces in a backpack, and spray the **** out of it. COMPLETELY TURN YOUR WATER OFF.......

    If it is brown patch this will cure it, if its take all patch, bend over and BEG for KY!

    Naaa just kidding but it is one of those two. KEEP THE WATER OFF THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

    goodluck bud.
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    Chinch bug? Take a coffee can open on both ends. Fill it with water and the chinch bugs will float to the top in a few minutes.
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    When was these pictures shot? I noticed that the tree by the mail box is throwing a full shade canopy into the street. If these pictures were taken this spring, I have to applaud the overall great shape your lawn is in. If the pics were taken this spring, I would suggest the problem is a combination of BP carried over from last summer and probably a bit of Take All from this winter. Either way Spectator (Lesco) or Heritage (Verticom) alternately used would control the problem. Mancazeb will work also but it has a ton of zinc in it and will stain concrete VERY badly. Also zinc is one of those necessary trace elements but in very small quanities. Excesses of zinc can create other problems. It is important to alternate fungicides and make apps within 4 weeks of each other and not to "cheat" down the concentration applied just because the product is pricey.

    If the pics are from the middle of summer, it could very well be cinch bugs but at this time of the year, I would think they would not be present in sufficient numbers if at all to cause damage. Cinch bugs are normally assoicated with very hot and dry conditions.
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