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    I came across a brown fungus growing in hardwood mulch that when raked with a leaf rake it puts off a brown poof of smoke into the air. A close landscaper friend said be aware of this....never inhale that smoke it will make you sick!

    Well being an impatient idiot I had to get the job done and didn't have a face mask. I inhaled some smoke :hammerhead: When I asked him what happens he said you will feel miserable kinda like flu like symptoms for anywhere from 2 weeks to a couple months. Low and behold I feel like total crap since that day and its been 3 days.

    Is this true? Anyone heard of this? The fungus almost looks like dark brown dog vomit.
  2. Stillwater

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    Puff balls use a flat shovel you will live.
  3. JBNC

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    Fuligo Septica or Dog vomit slime mold is most likely what it was. It is a mold that pops up in mulched areas after heavy rains. If I remember correctly it is pretty harmless and I doubt that it is making you sick.

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