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  1. Evaferdy

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    Need advise. I seeded .3 tenths of acre of lown this spring.
    ( Used a slit seeder) Good stand of mixed grass. Lot of rain did not water. Has been dry and hot the past 3 wks. I have some brown rusty looking patches showing up in the grass. Is this a fungus? My black mower deck almost red now with rusty stuff.
    I live in NW Ohio. What do I do? Or will this go away without treatment?
  2. jajwrigh

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    It may be a rust disease which results from compacted soil, poor irrigation, and poorly managed fertilizing programs. A solution for this is long, infrequent watering....or several hours in the mornings only. This will help ease the effects of the rust disease. Hopefully this information is useful for you.
  3. Luscious Lawns

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    For various fungus on turf I use Bayleton 1G. I agree with jajwrigh the best defense against fungus is long infrequent watering making sure the turf does not stay wet throughout the night. But once the fungus is feeding to quickly stop the damage I treat with the Bayleton. Once started fungus. has a nasty habit of reapearing, so even after the disease has subsided be extra cautious to watch for re-infection.

  4. James Cormier

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    sounds like rust, although I encounter it mostly late summer and early fall....Dont worry cause its usually just cosmetic disease, I would aerate several times this season to help reduce compaction you can do this now, and maybe apply some T-19 now just after aeration
  5. Evaferdy

    Evaferdy LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the help with the rusty grass.
    A little more about the conditions of soil and weather. Grass area
    has no irrigation setup. Only water from rain. This area was part of a farm field and garden prior to being seeded. It had large amounts of manure applied in prior years and isvery fertile.
    Soil type ranges from sandy loam to pewamo(Heavy Black Fine texture) Well tiled but slow to dry. From May 5 to June 1 we had large amounts of rain fall. Have only had 1 inch of rain the last month.
  6. pushu2

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    Rust. It usually occures in new grass esp. rye and K. Bluegrass. It is a sign of low nitrogen. Visit the lawn again and put down 1# of N /1000Sqft. This should clear up the problem rther quickly.
  7. D Felix

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    What kind of grass did you seed? If it was ryegrass, then that's where the problems began.

    Ryegrass is probably the most susceptable (don't think I speeelled that right....) to rust, though it is usually most prevalent in mid to late August. Though we have been noticing that a lot of things are running at least 3 weeks earlier than normal, so that doesn't surprise me. Things like bagworms, jap. beetles, etc are earlier than I ever remember them....

  8. Chris Wagner

    Chris Wagner LawnSite Senior Member
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    Some minor infections of rust here already... especially on the ryegrass we planted in a few heavy traffic areas.

    One other point to make... you can spread this fungus around by walking, mowing, etc. Try to control the area infected and make sure your mower and shoes/boots are clean.
  9. Evaferdy

    Evaferdy LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the help. I applied Nitogen fertlizer and a fungicide and problem almost gone on new Ky Bluegrass.
  10. GregoryR

    GregoryR LawnSite Member
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    Your mower will almost certainly carry the rust to your other clients.

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