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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ewilly, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. ewilly

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    Anyone ever run into someone taking down your flyers on bulletin boards?

    I have a flyer up on the local post office's board, along with everyone's dog sitting services and other non related. I pass by the board and can see mine from the road, nice bright cardstock, everyday as I go into town. Beginning of summer I had to replace my flyer every few days, chalked it up to wind the first couple of times. I noticed that one flyer was there, from day 1, and no one touched it, for another LCO.

    Fast forward to the past few days, I put up my leaf cleanup flyer with a bunch of biz cards attached. Noticed a flyer stating "Leaf Cleanups - Reasonable prices" with a bunch of rip tags on the bottom. It matched, almost word for word, clipart style and phone number, for snow shoveling, another for dog walking, and yet another for babysitting. Quite a jack of all trades I'm up against! Went past it today, it was on the ground soaked from the rain. Again, chalked it up to wind.. until I remembered I put it up there with about 6 push pins. So I printed up yet another one, stapled it up around 6pm, 8 staples and 5 biz cards - each stapled to the board with their own staple. On my way home from my PT job, around 10pm, I noticed my flyer and all 5 cards are no where to be found. I had another couple in the truck with my stapler still, put about 30 staples in and put two cards up.

    I can't help but laugh and be annoyed, isn't wasting but maybe a quarter worth of materials each time, but damn it's annoying! Oh and that "reasonable prices" flyer was still up. Hmmmmmm :rolleyes:

    Anyone else ever had a flyer war like this? Would it be unprofessional of me to put a little piece of paper up top of my flyer saying "To the person taking this flyer down daily, please stop - I have a case of paper and enough staples and cards to last a year" ? :laugh:
  2. newz7151

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    I guess you could lace your pushpins and paper with a little LSD and then maybe you could get an idea of who is doing it.

    Or, put it up again and then stake it out for a few hours.. maybe have somebody spell you, and find out that way who is doing it. Let em sleep with the fishes.
  3. Team_Green

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    Eye for and eye, rip his down, or sit and wait and confront the guy doing it
  4. ewilly

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    Well so far, good news! The latest flyer lasted the day and is still there!

    Tomorrow is another day! I think someone ran over my lawn sign advertising fall cleanups too, right around the corner from the post office - on the mini median of a divided 'highway'. The stake was pretty f'ed up. Same kid I bet :hammerhead:

    LSD on the pushpins! :laugh: The postmaster who cleans the board up every month would be hilarious to watch high

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