Funny lawn application stories?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by a plus bob, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. a plus bob

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    Any body have any good stories? I will start.
    I pulled up TO a rental house to treat the lawn and went to the door to get the renter to open a locked gate.A guy comes to the door and I tell him why I'm there.He ask will it kill weed and I told him it was a weed and feed app. He says yeah but will it kill weed so I say yes.So he says hold on I will be right back.Later he comes back to the door and says OK go ahead.I go into the back yard to find several (WEED PLANTS) covered with garbage bags!!When I was reeling up my hose he comes out and asks me how long until I can uncover my WEED!!!:hammerhead:
  2. greendoctor

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    Whoa. I know the DEA used to use paraquat for that WEED. Here, we had helicopters with drop down nozzles spraying RoundUp.
  3. turfsolutions

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    Here's an idea- Take the billions (yes billions) the government spends on the marijuana war and put that money into job creation, education, sustainable energy etc... Sorry off the subject of the thread but had to vent.

    No funny stories except maybe the one time I came to a house that I knew had a German Shepard. Came to the gate and whistled and rattled the gate to make sure the dog was in. Opened the gate walked around the corner and here comes that German Shepard bookin around the corner barking its head off. Wasn't funny at the time but we made it out without injury.
  4. grassman177

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    turf solutions, good idea. you must have watched Bill Maher last night on HBO! that was brought up by him and a discussion with Ron Paul. very interesting. anyway, back to subject. at the time of the great depression they lifted the prohibition bill against booze and profit from the sales tax most definitly helped out. this is a similar idea i think.

    we were treating lawns with our mowers and jrco spreaders a few years ago. the ground was still pretty wet after some rain we had and i was treating a hilly lawn that went down into the forest and creek in the back. well, it was a dumb idea and i should have known better but i lost traction and slid into the forest. trying to get out i made a grease slick of mud and ended up going further into the forest to a clearing area a t the bottom of the hill. from there we had to clear a small pathway in the forest up a steep incline the other direction from the customers property to the street( he ad a corner lot). we used our tow chains and hooked them up to our truck(minus trailer) ans pulled it up the incline through the path we had blazed and up in to the street. it was real funny in the end and we only treat this area by hand spreader now. hope you all could get the picture from my description
  5. a plus bob

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    from Indiana
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    here's another I have many but here we go.I pulled up to spray a lawn one morning about 8:00 am. I noticed a dog tied out so I go to the door to ask the lady about 70/80 yrs old to bring her dog in.She comes to the door NAKED except for a untied robe and DRUNK!!!When she opened the door she falls out I put my arms up to catch her and you guessed it my arms go inside the untied robe and I'm holding her up naked against me.I opened the door and tried to pull the door shut but she falls out again!after several attempts at this I decide I will have to carry her inside.So I pick her up carry her in prop her in the corner and got out fast.The next day she calls in and cancels:laugh::laugh::laugh::drinkup::drinkup:
  6. Surferbum21

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    that's awesome. i woulda taken a few nuggets...j/k...but not really...or am I? what? i didn't say that
  7. mngrassguy

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    I knocked on a door to do an app. Fenced in back yard, pool, you know the drill. Bro says, "ya, go ahead, it's unlocked." So I go around back, open gate to find sis floating in the middle of the pool topless. She covered herself with one arm and paddles with the other to the pool side and gets out. She's in the deep end so has to use both arms to get out. I'm trying not to look. Ya, right.

    When she gets into house I could hear her screaming, bro laughing, things being thrown, ect.

    Man. I LOVE this job!!!
  8. Grandview

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    I would have got out of there quick. Go back and do the front yard, let her get out in dignity. Go back and ream the guy (bro).
  9. bob

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    I was cutting a model home , and my friend, who was the sales rep for Chemlawn, was in charge of the model's fert. applications. After about 3-4 months, i keep telling him about a big clover patch in the back, and I also said the lawn didn't look real green. He couldn't figure out what the problem was. His Tech. was going out to the model's lawn. Then about 5 months into the season I told him the clover was still there & the lawn wasn't real green. He did a little detective work, and found out that his Tech. was going to the model home next door. He didn't have a contract with this one, and another company was doing the apps. This lawn was getting double apps, all year long.
  10. Ric

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    Your story is like my own from many years ago, only the lawn I was cutting was getting the double Applys. Turns out the customer was real up tight about a green lawn, he hired two companies to fert it. Needless to say he was looking for an other mowing company when I realized the problem.

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