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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by bobbygedd, Sep 6, 2005.

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    i actually thought at first, it was one of you guys playing a joke on me. this guy calls and says, " hi, i just had a bunch of trees trimmed, and the guy left the limbs all over the place. i found out, he was arrested the next day, and i have to get this stuff out of here." i said, "ok, where do you live?" he gives me adress, and i claculate drive time, and say, "ok, we charge $125 per truckload, to load and haul. we have a standard 8ft pickup." he goes, "what? huh? that's rediculous. i'll give you $50 for the entire pickup." i say, "no, sir, we charge $125 per truckload." he says, "don't you have a chipper? " i said, "nope, we don't specialize in tree work." he said, "well, if you had a chipper, you could do it for $50." i said, "sir, you can call a chipper service, and you will see, that they start at $100 an hour, with a $150 minimum." he says, "that is rediculous. i'd never spend more than $50. i'll do it myself, it may take me a week, but, i aint spending more than $50." i said, "thanks for calling, best of luck , sir."
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    You quoted him your price -- he rejected it with a counter offer. You rejected the counter offer and suggested he find another source more or less.

    He is gonna do it himself -- hah. He will hunt around and try to find another scrub like the one he hired in the first place. Why don't he bail the guy out of jail and let him finish the job -- hah. :)
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    Been out in the yard working and just thought of this. The tree trimming guy will probably get out of jail just after somebody gets the limbs moved.

    I'll bet the owner refuses to pay him anything . His excuse is gonna be I had to hire someone to finish the job -- you left limbs laying all over my yard. He probably will find some kid to haul them off for a bargain price and be out only that amount for the trimming and removal.

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    Pictures this guy using his honda trunk full of limbs spending $50 on gas and dump fees and then saying see i knew it could be done for $50.
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    He probably did the cutting himself.

    Lots of times, I get calls from people who start something that they can't finish themselves.
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    You did the right thing, people like that really need to do the work they offer themselves as the remote possibility exists they MAY actually see why it costs as much as it does... Doubtful, but then it's not OUR loss.
    I have noticed since the price of fuel sky-rocketed this type of thing seems to be coming out of the woodworks, thou it could be coincidental as this is also the time of year when things pick up a bit... Just surprises me with the comedy as they haven't bothered me for a long time, why couldn't they just stay gone?
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    LOL and when it's like that and I can foresee the problem, which translates to:
    d@mn this is a real pita of a job, I'm just going to call myself one these p'up truck dudes and they can do all the hard work and all I'm out is the money I was going to save by doing it myself (while they figure said money was at THEIR labor rate, usually around $10-$15/hour).
    Oh, back to what I was saying, when I SEE that crap coming, I raise the price another 20 percent or so and you would be amazed how that shuts them right up, you never hear that stuff about 'ridiculous' because they are too shocked to even complain, double rate works even better but I don't want them talking about it to someone else who KNOWS the price and then they figure me for a con-artist, 20 percent is not that far off and does the trick.

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