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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dirtykneez, Mar 31, 2013.

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    I once had a client present me with an already-just-sodded lawn surrounding a swimming pool they had added. Since none of the new sod extended as far as 25 feet from the deck around the pool, I just plumbed a few zones from the water source near the pool, and tucked funny pipe under the sod next to the deck, and covered the lawn with heads spraying away from the deck. Two heads per run of funny pipe. Worked just fine.
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    That's bad, but I left a customers house today who had "a contractor that gave her a good price" install her system. 3 zones, 1 pipe, with valves above ground, running around her house, TELEPHONE wire running with the pipe, and a indoor clock mounted on the side of the house, with half of the ditch uncovered because "it was fall and you don't need it right now," now he is nowhere to be found. Poor lady, I gave her a estimate for a 5 zone install and rip out. I'm doing a drainage job at her neighbors on Tuesday, so I'll snap some pictures of this. It's the worst I've ever seen.

    Edit: Forgot the best part. It was stubbed up next to a faucet outside of the garage where he was going to hook into that instead of the meter.
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    Amazing... Can't make this stuff up...
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    Gee, funny pipe is not that bad...:walking:
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    Quickest way to post this Chief.

    Just can't dream this up. :)
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    this is the sort of fun thing you can accomplish when you have all the tech data, and can run the numbers :D
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    I hate to sound like an idiot, but what is funny pipe? Is it the same material as used on swing joints? Or something else?
    We run all PVC down here so I don't hardly know what poly is (JUSTKIDDING) :hammerhead:

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    Funny pipe is the same as swing pipe, 3/8 flexible line.
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