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Funny sod stories


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morristown, nj
Hello,<p>The other day, I had a excavation contractor come and look at a job next door to the house that I was working at.<p>Well, while shooting the breeze, sod came up, and I told him about how bad the lawns were in the neighborhood (real homebuilder specials, bull doze, then lay, no prep, rocks everywhere, no good soil)<p>He then said,'that's nothing'<p>He explained a job he did and this is what happened.<p>He said that somehomeowner one day decided to plant some shrubs in her front lawn and, to her surprise, hit plywood about 1 inche under the sod. She tried again in another spot, thinking it was just construction debry, and whack, plywood again. <p>Well, after about 6 attempts, and 6 times of hitting plywood, she gave up and called a contractor. <p>When the contractor got there, he dug a few spots with a shovel, and bam!, plywood....<p>Well, a day later, he came in with his machines and ended up pulling over 60 sheets of 1/4 inch plywood from under the lawn. <p>I couldn't believe the story......then laughed my but off. He then joined me.<p>It turned out the house had to have its sod in before the closing date, and when the contractor got there, it was too muddy to lay the sod. So what he do. You got it! Just lay plywood, put the sod on top of it, and bam, the house is approved and sold.<p>Amazing story I thought. <p>It's incredible how irrigation can hide any sod problem........for awhile at least.<p>Any other strange sod stories out there?<p>steveair<p>PS- I love builders... they create a never ending source of landscape *&^*-ups for us to fix. We will never run out of work as long as builders keep landscaping.
I have a similar story. To top it off, I made money testifying in court. <p>My wife’s best friend just had a swimming pool installed in the back part of their house. The pool contractor had to dig trenches to run the drains to the sewer system to the front of house. During the construction process, a series of storms passed through our area. Well they used plastic tarps to cover the trenches so it wouldn’t flood out the trenches. The dirt was put in the street. With the rains, the dirt was washing down the street, so the dirt was hauled away. The funny part, instead of buying new soil, they used the plastic tarps as fill, then put new sod over the trenched area. They had told our friends to not walk in that area until the grass knitted. 2 weeks later, he noticed a sprinkler disappear. He called me up to fix it. I said no problem. Showed me the area where the sprinkler was and I started digging. Guess what I found. I didn’t mention that the trench was about 30 ft in length by 5 inches deep. I charged my friend for the work since he said he would get the money back from the pool contractor. <p>The matter ended up in court. The judge had a good laugh. They won a judgment against the pool contractor (well his insurance company). They got all fees paid plus I got money for testifying. <br>Jean <br><p>----------<br>J-LC Landscaping & Maintenance Gardening<br>C-27 Ca Contr# 770044


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Not many of you have had to install sod in Feburary with the weather in the low teens for a high, we did a few years ago for a new subdivision. Imagine geting a phone call in January that they want you to sod three model homes and to give them a price for the sod and installation, then tell you they need it in one month. the homes where still under construction and no black dirt was spread yet but we did it and opened up on time and with just one problem, we hualed the sod in from Kentuckey but as soon as it was installed it turned brown so we sprayed painted it with a green dye to make it look good. <p>side note subdivision was sold out in 100 days.<p>----------<br>paul<br>