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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tharrell, May 21, 2004.

  1. Tharrell

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    Was just finishing up and the Bob-Cat started sputtering. I knew it had fresh oil and was full of gas. It had a random miss for a while and I just thought the plug needed changing. I put a new plug in and it fired up after bitching about it first. It occured to me then that the power seemed off the last few days. I tried full throttle and it tried and died. Why do the worst thoughts enter our heads at a time like that? I pushed the throttle to full choke and then I saw it. The air cleaner moved when I moved the throttle. Yeah, the manifold bolts had backed out. Must be the price for all the ruff yards I cut. Runs like a scalded dog now. Ever thought you had a bad problem and it turn out to be a simple thing?
  2. Trevors Lawn Care

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    mower wouldnt start for the life of me, and realized that the fuel was off

  3. Woody82986

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    I pulled and pulled on my trimmer cord last week trying to start it, and after about ten minutes and a sore arm, I finally realized I hadn't moved the button to start from the off position. I was really relieved that it hadn't taken a big crap on me.
  4. fga

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    When i worked with large company when i was16 or so, there was this guy pushing a Lawnboy for about 15 minutes, then realized the bag was limp, but was not clogged at all....... turned out he had no blade on the mower! still laugh to this day. different topic, but this same guy once tried to hide a leaf pile under a motorcycle, hillarious!
  5. houston

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    That has to be the best one I have ever heard.

    I did work (in a previous life) with a guy that bought a rather large boat that had a cabin in it. Went one weekend to start it up and putter around the lake. Would not start. Started tearing the motor down to find out what was wrong. Worked on it Saturday and Sunday. Came in Monday and told all of us of his problems with it. Went back the next weekend to continue working on the motor. That Sunday he discovered that there was no gas in the tank. Came in Monday and told everyone that the tank was out of gas and that was why it would not start (think I would have kept my mouth shut and just told everyone the fuel line was clogged or it needed new plugs or something).

  6. Scenic Lawnscape

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    battery wnet dead on my dixie a few weeks back so i took it off and charged it, put it backon and it wouldnt start,, i was out there for 2 1/2 days trying to figure it out called dixie nothing called local dealer nothing, it was just trying but wouldnt start, so finally i decided to un hook the battery and charge it, well befoer i took it of i relized the postive was hooked up to the negitive and vice-versa, switched them around and i was cutting grass in 10 mins. I felt like a idiot

  7. Littleriver1

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    This has been my week for thing to go wrong. Belts break, flat tires, run out of gas. When I lost power on my turf tiger and it would run but not idle I figured the worst was happening. I finished the lawn I was working on with my WB loaded up and headed home. Before I headed for the dealer I wanted to play around with the choke. Pulled off all the covers looking for something stuck in the linkage. Didn't see anything so I hosed the linkage down with WD 40 ran great. Grabbed lunch and went back to work. Seems silly but I thought for sure it was something major. The drive home was a waste of time away from work. The dealer was near by and all I thought about was the money. Just glad I made the trip home. It gave me time to think about things and a chance to have lunch with my wife. My hole week got better. 2 days later I'm halling mulch and get a flat tire on the trailer and pull into a drive way. While I'm changing the tire the owner comes out and we talk and I end up with a new account. Go figure.

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