Funny Story about cleaning a carb

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by LawnTamer, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. LawnTamer

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    Howdy all,
    I'm not above a little laughter at my expense so here's a stupid thing I did yesterday:hammerhead:
    I decided I'd get the wife's Mantis going again, it has sat for eons. So I soak the carb in cleaner, re assemble it, but fuel still isn't making its way through, there is a blocked line somewhere, I try spraying carb cleaner through, but it can't get through either. then I have this brainfart, there is still pressure in the air compressor, why not use my nozzle tip and blast through the line.... Mind you the carb is attached to the fuel tank and the cap is off...Duh. :hammerhead:
    So I press that nozzle down into where the fuel is supposed to come through in the carb and give the trigger a little squeeze. BOOM, it was like a bomb went off in the fuel tank, gas went everywhere, there was fuel on the ceiling, in my hair, all over my clothes, the floor is covered. What a mess, and it's all mixed fuel so it has the oil residue that will stay behind..... I tell you what, that was great. I washed my clothes 3X and they still smell like gas and oil. It was actually pretty funny. It did seem to work too, the Mantis fires right up now.:laugh:
  2. khouse

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    I don't see anything unusual about your story. LOL
  3. mowermankevin

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    So tell us, after taking a shower, painting the ceiling and having a good laugh did you find out the fuel filter wasn't plugged?
  4. LawnTamer

    LawnTamer LawnSite Gold Member
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    Whatever was blocking fuel flow seems to have been dislodged by my pneumatic cleaning.
  5. Restrorob

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    Are you sure all your smelling is gas in your clothes ?

    Thanks for tha :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: !!!
  6. Happy Frog

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    How about a little smoke next time you clean a carb? That would make a nice boom too...
  7. heybruck34

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    pneumatic cleaning is only slightly more tool intensive than percussive maintenance. This is where you bang a hammer or heavy wrench on the offending equipment. Percussive Maintenance only requires a heavy object, pneumatic cleaning requires an air compressor or blower.

    Both are quite effective.
  8. 44DCNF

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    You didn't ask, but to get the gas and oil smell from your clothes use a water soluble oil like baby oil, in your wash load. It may take more than one wash but it will come out in less washings than without a water soluble oil included. The baby oil breaks the bond of the gas/oil to the clothing, and will allow it to be washed away.
  9. Breezmeister

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    :laugh::laugh: As soon as I read that line I knew what was going to happen, It's good to see that some brain farts are universal :drinkup: And I will leave it at that :eek:
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  10. DiyDave

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    Did you look into the tank, and see if the little filter at the end of the intake line was still attached?

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