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    A bit long, but not bad...My father in law who was in this business from 93-07 then worked for me after (so he knows his stuff), pulls into the Healthsouth parking lot the other day. The LCO was working as well. Now this is a rehab hospital. He gets out to go meet his wife for lunch.(she works there). One of the employees of the LCO was using trimmer (weed wacker, weed eater, whip)in the shrub beds as a way of weed removal. As he walks closer they guy doesn't he's getting hit in face with mulch from about 20 feet away. Finally he gets the guys attention and says hey man what the crap, this stuff is going everywhere, and you just hit me like 5 times. The guy says "oh its ok its only pine bark" and went back to work.:hammerhead: This is a large company here too. Can't imagine how many cars he hits every week.

    Now that I re read this its not as funny anymore....oh well I typed it sooooo. Have a good day guys enjoy our weather!!!!:dancing:

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