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funny way i got a account today.


LawnSite Bronze Member
fort myers fl
i was sharping some blades and got something in my eye so i went to the regular doctor and did not see anything and sent me to a eye doctor. well he asked what i did and i told him and he said his last guy was not that great. so it ended up i got his lawn. and i did not have anything in my eye. i guess it all worked out.:p


LawnSite Fanatic
zone 7 CA
I almost always mention in some way or another what I do to the people I do business with day to day.
My Chiropractor adjusted me monthly for a year,I preped and planted around his house and he paid materials.Worked out good for both cuz my insurance did not cover Chiropractic work.
But word of mouth is how I get all my biz.
I talk to people,from all walks of life in all kinds of situations about their landscapes.Even if it's just to advise them about it,I will get a deal on something because I gave them advise on something they were having a problem with.
OH and by the way..Where were your saftey glasses at the time?Somewhere they were doing you absolutly 0 good I suppose


LawnSite Senior Member
Lawrence, Kansas
I mow and do general landscaping for my chiropractor, we actually just trade services, because I have to hit 500.00 deductible before ins. pays anything. At the end of the year we total it up and pay out the difference. Works great for both of us.