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  1. JCee

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    Ive written alot of posts lately...looking for a ztr...most likely between cub and lesco 60inch. At the lesco dealer, only one in the area, and I am asking the guy how you could ever buy a lesco when they provide no service except of 85 miles away. The guy tells me that they rarely ever see problems, and small ones they may be able to fix at his shop.

    Anyway Im driving the ztwo around the lot and I pull up next to the guy and ask him if I can switch on the blade. He says go ahead. I pop the blade switch and boom....loud noise and the belts pop off. The guy tries to fix it for the next 15 minutes and then says he cant fix it for now.

    God, I want to buy a lesco but they make it really tough!!
  2. jgc8fan

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    If there isn't a service center at the dealer site I wouldn't buy. Sounds like the belt tensioner was not set right which is something that dealers with their own service facilities do among other checks and adjustments when you buy the mower. The two mowers I've bought I was told to come back in a couple hours so they could do the final adjustments and test everything before I could leave with them.

    Same thing with other power equipment. They usually take it in back to check it out before you walk out the door, and I definitely won't until they do.
  3. Restrorob

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    No wait where I work, All Commerical units are COMPLETELY serviced as they come off the truck. While the customer does paper work the unit is re-greased (moving parts from being driven in and out) tire pressure and general look over, It's ready when they are.
    Think twice about no service center close by cuz you will more than likely need one.
    Good luck
  4. JCee

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    from NY
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    Other places around will service them (Cub dealers etc) but not under warranty...does that change anything for you guys? The final price difference with a bagger is $759 between the ztwo and tank m60. What do you guys think?
  5. Restrorob

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    IMO, If a dealer doesn't service what he sales you don't need that dealer.
    To spend that kind of money on a unit and have to drive 80 some odd miles for service and forfeit your warranty is insane. :dizzy:
  6. redtrucks

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    I own 54 Lesco ZTR, have not had many problems with it. The $ is what sold me. I sold my Lesco Viper that was 5 yrs old for $1800.00 and purchased this one in the mid 5k range. Great mower, if you service your equipment you should be able to make most small adjustments. Good Luck,

  7. Maitland Man

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    ...If I didn't know how to fix it myself, I wouldn't buy it without a dealer being within 25-30 miles.:nono: My 48 hydro wb has 3065 hours on it. Nothing major has ever happened, but enough small crap has...thankfully I fixed them all myself, just so I don't have to hear that dreaded "I'll call you when it's ready":mad: The extra 700 bucks would be worth paying for a close-by dealer, warranty repairs.....and it's probably a dealer that would appreciate the asle and all the small other things you get from him sense it's close to you. My dealers know me by name everytime I go in. I like to be loyal, but if Lesco can't service it within 30 miles of your place.......look else where. When parts break, you'll have to wait for them to transport the parts from service ctr to your purchase place....that'd get old quick.

    Higher power was talking to you when that belt popped off.:blob2:

  8. Turf Technologies

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    We drive 4 or 5 counties south to have out Lesco mowers serviced.(major work, pumps, engines)

    What I cant understand is, if you cant work on your own machines, why are you doing this?And I dont mean big repairs, just small things like belts, pulleys, sharpening blades.
  9. JCee

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    from NY
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    Jeez, people get a little snappy....I didnt say anything about not being able to work on the mower....I just asked a question about service vs. price vs. machine. Can I do small repairs? Yes without a problem...Am I a mechanic? NO...There are many dealers around here who will service lesco machines and Cub has a same day delivery policy so I'm sure I would be ok either way...But if something major goes, Im shot....
  10. lawnman_scott

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    Do you have to go 4 or 5 counties to get parts?

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