141 woodmann

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Shoreline CT
How does everyone deal with furniture, grills, hose reels on lawns. I don't mind occasionally moving one or two objects off a lawn, but week after week is getting old. If I come on an off day dye to weather, I get it, but my schedule is the same to the point if I'm 10 minutes late to a client, they will think I wasn't coming. I don't want to lose anyone due to moving their personal items off their lawn, but it kind of feels like a slap in the face, especially when they know I'll be there. Thanks in advance for replies.

Jeff Blackston

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I was going to ask the group about this same scenario. I'm cutting the lawn of one of the biggest landscape / lawn guys in the area. I've made 2 visits (I just got his yard), and spend about 10 - 15 minutes picking up clothes, tools, trash, toys, etc from the yard, before I can mow. My next step is to either ask them to police the yard before I come, or just charge him a cleanup fee. I've found wrenches and chains in the yard, and if I overlook these type items on my pre mow yard walk, my equipment is going to really suffer. Not to mention the safety of folks, and nearby property.