Fusilade II and bulbs, like Iris, Tulips, etc.

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    I've read and re-read the label on Fusilade II. It is available here:


    They list a gazillion plants that Fusilade can be applied safely to. I don't see tulips and iris and all those sorts of ugly things listed. It never fails, the home owners who are planting bulbs like this have a huge mess of bermuda all over these things by the time they call us for bed weed control.

    I've considered going over the top with glyphosphate. My feeling is that the bulbous roots are so large that it would take a dozen applications with glyphosphate to kill the bulbs. Long before that, the bermuda would be eradicated.

    I've also considered using Fusilade II over the tops of these things, but in reading the label, I didn't see them listed on the 'safe' list.

    Anyone have any experience with eradicating bermuda around these things?

    (For what it's worth, I don't undertand why people plant these ugly things. They flower for what, 2 weeks a year, and the rest of the time they're just an ugly green stalk, typically over run with weeds because the root system does nothing to choke out other plants and compete. It's just a big, giant bulb.)

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    Do a test run with the F II on part of the bed and see what happens.
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