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  1. win270

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    Can anyone help me with the correct mixture. I am trying to control the bermudagrass in my new fescue sod. I have purchased fusilade II and cannot figure out how to mix it. I have 2500 sq/ft of fescue. My sprayer will hold 2 gallons. Thanks
  2. olive123

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    i think fusilade will kill your fescue also
  3. CrazyJ

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    With the correct application rate fusilade will not kill your fescue. It will weaken it, but it's your best shot at bermuda control. This is the right time of the year also. Hit it again in early fall.

    That stuff isn't labeled for residential lawns, and I guess now you see why. Very concentrated. I usually create a dilution (1:10?) that I can use to put in a backpack at 1oz/gallon and spray a gallon per 1000 sq feet. Read the label to make sure.
  4. win270

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    the label reads-: 5-6 oz/A, with no less than 30 gallons of water.

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