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    I was a bit disappointed after opening my first set of fusion blades. Why wasn't the sail hardfaced? I find my blade life is determined by whats left of the sail, not the cutting edge. For me the sail wears just as quick as the edge and without a reasonable sail, cutting performance is compromised. I think it's great the bottom of the edge was hardfaced but for the extra money a fusion blade is, I would of liked to see some on the sail.

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    I am not sure why it wasn't, I am thinking it is due to costs of doing so.
    I will ask around and see what the reason may be.

  3. TLS

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    Must be an expensive process, as only the tip of the blade is treated.

    Sail wear is only a problem in sandy areas. I've never had a sail wear out, or even come close. The cutting edge is always ruined well before that happens.

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