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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jsf343, May 15, 2007.

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    Futinia (spelled right?) bushes at a property we service have a lot of leaf spot and many of the leaves are just falling off. It seems obvious this has some kind of fungus, is there any particular way to treat them that is more effective then others?
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    huh, thats a pretty neat site. thanks for the info. The interesting thing is there is no water hitting it other then rain, so I am not convinced that is it. I will ask the lady if she has been hand watering or something though.
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    photinias (aka red-tips) are notorious for getting leaf spot. fungicides are of limited effectiveness. when it comes to red tips a good rule of thumb is that the less its ever pruned or trimmed the less it suffers from leaf spot. not saying an untrimmed red tip will never get leaf spot only its severity will be significantly reduced.
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    really? Man I am learning something new about these every day. How do you keep them from growing so fast then? probably that stuff that slows the growth? somebody wrote a thread not long ago about it.

    So you think the red spot will come and go then huh? I have not seen it before and it seems pretty severe. Time will tell I guess.
    thanks for the responses.
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    i quit using red tips completely in my landscaping designs and go into detail with customers that want them about the potential headaches down the road. ill spray them sure but make no promises. been my experience that plant stress is directly related to the black spot severity. plenty of fert and water and they seem to do okay on their own but when in places they have to be trimmed that alone can stress the shrub enough to make it susceptible to a more serious infection. i have one in my own yard and its relatively clean. im training it to grow straight up so i only hand prune the occasional wayward branch. its near my vegetable and herb garden so anything i spray my veggies with it gets a dose of too. this time of year its talstar or sevin and daconil when i feel like it.
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    Banner Maxx @ 16-20 oz. phgw every 4-6 weeks does a good job controlling this leaf spot. A little adjuvant for even spreading will help. As mentioned, the disease spreads with water, so the irrigation type plays a big role in control. 5-6 treatments each year starting at first leafing (Feb.) is what it takes in the Northwest.

    Cambistat PGR by Rainbow Tree Scientific is being tested for disease protection and looks promising. A topical application once each year provides growth regulation relative to the rate used, and disease suppression or control. It should be a much better alternative to frequent spraying. www.rainbowscivance.com

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    This is probably true because diseases can be spread by hand tools and hedge trimmers. If you sterilize your hand pruners and blades on your trimmers with rubbing alcohol or Lysol disinfectant before and after you trim a spotted Photinia.Then that will help to keep it from spreading it back and forth.
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    There is an old saying that "concrete comes with the cracks already mixed in".

    Well Photina comes with the leaf spot already present.

    Find another "weed like" plant to substitute for the Photonia.

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