Future BIG backpack blower


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A lot easier than keeping a whole herd of batteries that are pushing 4 digit cost each charged. So without idling the truck or running a generator which would completely defeat the point how many batteries are you going to need to keep a crew working all day during the fall?
Exactly, we will burn through 5 gal or more per day during fall cleanups.
Someday batteries may handle that, but not there yet.
Plus electric grid is at capacity already. Let's plug in 200 million battery packs every night. Coal plants will be churning out billows of "green" smoke to keep the illusion that battery power equipment is (non-polluting).


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Those appear to be your 2 choices Do you want to be stuck in cave man times mixing oil and gas, or join the future with Elon and his batteries.
Unfortunately I want to be stuck with something that can run more than 20 minutes and still put out some real power. For that reason I'm sticking with my 2 cycle backpack blowers. There is nothing close that doesn't require battery replacements, charging for hours on end, and keeping an eye on battery levels. I can fill my bp blower and it last me several days.

I'm afraid Elon isn't the future, i wish it was, but i don't see it with his cars. Same with windmills, sure they're great, are they the future? no, in the next 10-20 yhears they'll be obsolete and we'll have wasted money and have all these huge towers standing around looking dumb.


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Ya I agree. I wear earplugs all the time so noise isn’t an issue for me! I just can’t justify the intense initial expense on a product that hasn’t proven itself yet. Since we have had basically no problems with our Echo 770s I think I’ll continue running them for a while!