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Future Business Endeavors


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I am just a senior in high school at the moment and was wondering about businesses that just build ponds. I guess these businesses just fall into landscaping but its a pretty narrow topic it seems. I'm thinking more in terms of bigger farm ponds than small decorative ponds. Is it viable to have a business that specializes in this kind of thing? I know it would vary from place to place, but I couldn't find any kinds of local businesses that do this sort of thing.

I was thinking a business that would build, help maintain, possibly stock fish, clean(not as far as dredging though). Things of this sort of nature. I realize it would be very location dependent on success, but I just have some questions about how well this sort of thing works, how much time would most businesses spend on a single pond, how much you would charge per pond? What all equipment would you need? I would be fine with building other smaller decorative ponds as well, water gardens, etc., but I think I'd enjoy doing the bigger farm ponds much more.

I know I've kinda rambled on and on, but I have a lot of different things on my mind about it and kinda just spit it all out as it came to mind. Any input would be greatly appreciated! :)


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There are probably few businesses that survive limiting themselves exclusively to Water Feature construction. Most are multifaceted (Landscaping, Hardscaping, lawn Care etc.) in some combination of offered services.
I am exclusively a Water Feature contractor. No landscaping, lawn care, etc. The only reason that I can focus my attention on only one service is that I receive a steady income from a previous life. The income from the business is gravy. The business would not survive on its own in the present area market.

Here, Farm ponds are constructed by Earth-moving companies. I consult on these from time to time if people are looking for something special. The heavy equipment required can be rented, but would require an experienced operator. You would need to acquire the necessary knowledge involved to offer your services. This will take time. I would suggest that you start with a general palette of offered services. As you acquire knowledge and experience plus get your business (and yourself) established in your community, you might then consider specializing.