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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    FX Luminaire is in the process of having their line listed to Canadian Standards.

    I would like to hear more about your experiece with their product line, the good, the bad... everything.

    I have heard good reports about their transformer line, but they appear to be a bit miserly on cabinet room and dont seem to come with many bells and whistles. What is your experience?

    Are their well lights (MR16) decent?

    What are their best path lights?

    How about the bullets?

    What have your experiences been with warranty issues?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. sprinklerchris

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    This is a line that has never really caught on in our area. The styles seem to be for a California audience. I guess that's where the stuff sells.

    The well-lights have moisture intrusion issues; they're probably more accustomed to the desert conditions.

    Hunter is pushing the line very hard, but I doubt it will go very far.
  3. S&MLL

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    Same here. In my area I think I have seen 2 maybe 3 FX systems. Same with Vista and Focus.
  4. RLI Electric

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    I use FX with a stone mason for wall lights. We get them in weathered iron finish and they match really well. I haven't used too many of the other items. I do like their transformers with the knockout on the rear of the transformer too.
  5. Viewpoint

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    What is your experience?

    - Full disclusure...I worked for FX for a year. That said, I've been installing some of their products but not all. I stopped installing their transformers because of the fore-mentioned lack of whistles and bells. They are a bit tight for the timer I like and a lot of wires. I like to have the 15v tap, and theirs goes from 11v to 14v, except the 900w which only has 12, 13 and 14 which sucks.

    Are their well lights (MR16) decent?
    The TE well light has had issues with heat and lenses falling out, but I think much of that has been remedied. The FC is a pretty good light but spotty on moisture unless you're real careful on the install (but I haven't found any that are consistently better)

    What are their best path lights?

    I only use the TD and FG path/accent lights. The others have gone through multiple issues with lenses breaking (glass) and melting/scorching (lexan). There are other pathlights that I think work better.

    How about the bullets?

    The RS bullets are pretty good, but have issues with the tops sealing as there is only 1 o-ring holding it on. The MU on the other hand is I think the best aluminum uplight currently available, and if I can get people to pay for it (it's about $65 - $70 I think) I use them as my first choice.

    What have your experiences been with warranty issues?
    Their warrany resolution and customer support has always been one of their strong suits (their stongest is their powdercoating which I have never seen peel or crack). We have local distribution and it has always been over-the counter, no questions asked (mostly because they know I know how to troubleshoot, etc.)

    Thats my $.02 on FX.
  6. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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  7. ELumin8

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    Not a good fixture for the Pacific Northwest I saw a couple spot lights on a site that sat in the snow and filled with water...Replaced it with BK Nitestars and problem solved.
  8. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Thank you for the responses so far, please keep them coming.

    Have any of you worked with FX at new fixture designs or improvements? If so, how receptive are they to contractor input and suggestions?

    Perhaps they would be interested in developing a line of MR16 path lights? :dizzy: (you know I just had to throw that in there! lol )
  9. ELumin8

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    When I called a couple years ago regarding the fixtures that were sitting in the snow they seemed quite open to supply some new units but changing the design was a little to much at the time.
  10. David Gretzmier

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    I've got some FX stuff that is 11-12 years old out there now.

    I have had only one issue with one trans on one lug that went out, the 11v I think. every other trans is doing well. I never felt the cabinet was any tighter than any other cabinet that is currently out there, in fact I like the fact that the lugs seem easier to screw down because you can see it and use a regular screwdriver to get it tight as opposed to a screw that literally disappears and you almost need an eyeglass screwdriver to get in there and that gets lost in a black hole.

    I have replaced dozens of o-rings on the bullets, the ones I used were powder coated copper, heavy, but the o-ring seems to shrink after a few years, the lens/cap assembly is then no longer very tight, and no longer is fully water-proof. I would not use the bullet in a down light position. I am also not a big fan of a floating socket, and I have replaced more than a few of those as well.

    They pretty much pioneered the mini mushroom pathlight, and I have had no problem out of the few dozen of those that are out there, a few in commercial environments. no lenses or sockets replaced there. The copper ages well.

    I had more than a few tulip d'oro's out there and those had issues with the 1141 bayonnet bases. I believe they re-did those with a bi-pin. but not sure.

    I still use the mr-11 bullet for my go to gutter light mount. small and works well.

    never had a warranty claim, I just fix the problems with new parts in the field, and the 11v tap on the one trans I just worked around it with a coil of wire to drop voltage from the 12v tap.

    I never needed a 15v tap on those earlier jobs, mainly because those trans seem to push voltage really well, and have good voltage under full load as well. and I tended towards lighter amp loads and more wire. but I have not used alot of FX trans over the last 2 years. They may not be what they used to be.

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