FX1000 or 25hp Shibaura

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    Sitting here ready and anxious to pull the trigger on a new Hustler..can't decide gas or diesel! Choice is Super Z HD or Super Z Diesel. New machine will do about 35 cuts a season of 5 acres each (residential).

    Current tractor is diesel and having the same fuel is a plus, also no issues with ethanol and motor noise is lower. Diesel seems to be bullet proof...it always starts.

    Is it worth it for my application to go the extra cost for diesel?

    how about some practical advise form the Forum

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    The diesel will be extremely weak feeling when comparing to the FX1000V, but there will be a considerable fuel usage difference; with the diesel using far less. With less fuel usage of the smaller diesel also comes a considerable loss in power.

    The diesel will get by on a 60" deck, but it's not enough for a 72 unless taking off very little grass in dry cutting situations. The whole thing boils down to this, if you are cutting on a very timely schedule whereas not to find the need of dealing with overgrown or wet grass, the diesel will work and be more convenient due to your access of fuel. On the other hand, if you are forced to deal with large or wet grass, the big gas engine will not falter due to lack of power, which will make it more efficient. You are the only one that knows your cutting situation, meaning you are the only one than can make a viable decision based on circumstance.

    I run the 35 Kawasaki on a 72" deck and it does like fuel, but I never have a need of slowing down due to lack of hp. I use more fuel, but I also cut much more grass making it more relevant. I personally don't want the aggravation of worrying about a liquid cooling system, therefore I prefer an air cooled mower.

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