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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by dave k, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. dave k

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    How many of you follow the FX's slicing method by using wire nuts and using silicone and a plastic bag? They suggest using a couple of squirts of silicone in a plastic bag, put the splice in and squeeze out all the air and work the silicone into the wire nuts than use a wire tie to seal off the bag.
    They do not like the wire nuts with the grease inside, said it still can corrode?

    What all do you use for slices, is one method better than another, the same question on the wire nuts? What brand do you recommend?

  2. Alan B

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    Long splice thread already done, but in summary--

    DBR's with strain relief, be it Ace, 3M dbr direct burial tubes. I like the Blazing LV9500 as it is silicon filled, has strain relief, is smaller and faster, less expensive than 3M direct burial tubes, and more available and affordable than ACE.

    Gel filled caps tend to fall off and are not very secure. Pierce point quick connects, not a good choice for professionals--water wicks into connection, poor contact, often fails.
  3. irrig8r

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    As I recall, FX's splice gel is something more like Liquid Nails. It hardens overnight. (Unless they've changed it recently.)
  4. Pro-Scapes

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    Isnt it a resin pack or am I thinking of something else ?
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    I've been using grease/silicone wire nuts in irrigation and low voltage lighting for over 15 years now. the ones I did from start to now still work and no corrosion. But then, I did all the connections. for some reason, many on this board believe that employees do better with ace connectors. as they are more complicated than twisting on a nut, I don't agree, but ace's are way better looking on trees without a doubt and work well every where else as well. I also like the fact I can go back and add wire, add a light redo a connection and just use a new silicone nut. no other sealed system really allows you to do that, you have to cut, strip, etc. The other thread spent 7 pages with folks talking about connectors. just choose something that works and go with it.
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    Very good post and I share your sentiments.

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