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    we have a toro g3 52 inch deck 23 kawasaki. we have gone through five blower drive belts this summer,the machine has about 275 hours on it.

    is this normal?

    while doing end of season maintence, we found that the belt tensioner assy. seems to have a lot of up and down play, about half an inch at least. the bolt and bushing seem ok and have been greased on a regular schedule. is this normal. we also found a three inch crack in the plastic blower housing.

    the toro dealer here in grand forks north dakota, looked at the blower and said that the tensioner was fine with that much play in it. they also looked at the crack in the blower and said that there was nothing they could do about either problem.

    they did say i could buy a new blower housing at my cost of 129 dollars.

    since ther is no evidence of any thing other than normal wear and tear on the blower housing why would it not be covered? i have been a long time toro customer i hope you can help with these problems.

    thank you,
    eric morrison
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