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    i have a new g3 with 25 hp kohler,52 t-force deck.

    we have had to replace the blower drive belt 5 times, with only about 275 hours on this machine. is this normal?

    while doing end of season maintenance we found the belt tensioner assy, had a lot of up and down play in it (at least half an inch) . we also found a 2 inch crack in the plastic blower housing.

    we took the blower to our dealer here in grand forks north Dakota. they said the tensioner was fine and the blower housing would not be covered under the warranty. the tensioner really does have a lot of play, which i think is making the belt rub on the side of the pulley. they also said i could replace the housing at my cost of 129 dollars,since there is only normal wear on the housing why would it not be covered? i have attached a photo and a video for you.

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    blower crack.jpg

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